PeachDish: Who We Are

Bringing the farmer's market to your door

The PeachDish team outside at Jody's Farm

PeachDish exists to nourish people's lives through good food experiences. We’re proud to connect our customers to the finest growers and ingredients, and to help small-scale farmers join the digital economy.

We strive to provide the highest quality meal kits & groceries available.

At PeachDish, a farmer can drop off produce at the PeachDish warehouse Monday morning and it’s packed to go out that afternoon. These suppliers are our friends and neighbors. They tell us what they grow and we build our menu from there.

Our team of award-winning chefs create delicious, seasonal recipes for novice and experienced cooks alike. Our nutrition team keeps every meal nourishing and balanced.

We’re proud to send our customers smart, fresh, Southern meal kits, every week.

Our Standards

Farm Fresh Produce

We believe that the food you choose to put in your body is one of the most important decisions you make every day. We source local & organic produce first; if that’s not an available option, we seek out a local or organic choice; then fresh, artisan quality.

80% of our farmers are within 40 miles of our distribution center in Atlanta.

Artisanal Goods & Groceries

We seek out responsibly-produced, local & artisanal products.

  • We give preference to products from USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, and Non-GMO Project verified brands.
  • We seek to work with businesses holding a mission to make a positive social impact.
  • We will not source products that include: artificial colors, artificial flavors/sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats/hydrogenated fats or artificial preservatives.

Humanely-Raised Meats

Our animals are humanely-raised on small farms. We give priority to farms that are:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Global Animal Partnership (GAP)
  • American Humane Association

At PeachDish, we are committed to sourcing the best ingredients we can from responsible farmers who care. We're always working toward continuous improvement; that’s why we are joining the ASPCA® in a nationwide effort to improve the lives of animals. As such, by 2024, we will source all our chickens from farms that meet or exceed Global Animal Partnership’s standards on breed and housing (space, lighting, litter, enrichment), and verify this level of care using third party auditing. We will also require that chickens are processed using a multi-step CAS processing system, which is widely hailed as more humane.

Sustainable Seafood

PeachDish values the health of our oceans and the sea life that call them home.

  • We partner with sustainable seafood companies and seafood watch groups to bring you the highest-quality fish and seafood.
  • We love taking advantage of underappreciated fish to create unique, delicious, environmentally responsible dishes.

Seasonally-Based Recipes

Our recipes are based on the growing season in the southeast. Why? Because it helps us purchase directly from local farmers and guarantees you the most delicious, fresh produce available.

  • Our recipes are a reflection of the foods grown in and around Georgia, and the people and cultures who call this area home.
  • We strive to offer Southern dishes that are full of flavor, use locally-grown ingredients in-season, meet the needs of diverse eaters, and are a delight to cook.

Meals for Every Diner

We offer a broad range of groceries and meal kit recipes so that all customers have the chance to find meal kits and groceries that work for their preferences and lifestyle.

Each week, you can enjoy quick fix, SuperFood, no gluten added, vegetarian, vegan, dessert, Ribbon Series dishes, and more.

Our Philosophy


Transparency is core to the way PeachDish operates. Each week, our president, Judith Winfrey, shares with you the exact suppliers who contributed to your box. By sourcing directly from farmers, we ensure that you know who’s growing your food (and how they’re growing it!). Don’t recognize a name? Head over to our Farmers & Suppliers page —we have a profile for each producer.

Direct Purchasing

Our farmers are, quite literally, our neighbors. They tell us what they want to grow, and we build your dinners from there. Direct purchasing from small-scale farmers means responsible growers get paid fairly. Our farmers have used the PeachDish network to build their businesses, improve land stewardship and food safety, join the digital economy, and much more.

In 2017, PeachDish spent $1,617,872 directly with local farmers.

Learn more about our 2017 impact here.

Environmental Stewardship

We work hard to reduce our natural resource footprint wherever possible:

  • PeachDish is proud to be the first meal-kit business to offer a mail-back recycling program to help our customers process meal kit recyclables.
  • We recycle and compost at the PeachDish office and utilize cleaning products that have a lower environmental impact.

When you order PeachDish, you’re participating in food waste solutions:

  • Portioned ingredients eliminate food waste at home.
  • Any food we cannot sell is distributed to food banks, employees, or composted.

Giving Back

Giving back is a foundational part of our business.

  • We’re proud to donate food, kits, and dollars in support of local philanthropies and organizations. In 2017, we gave almost $24,000 in charitable contributions.
  • We donate extra food to local community organizations and food banks
  • Each year, we host a Valentine's Dinner at the Zaban Paradies Center, a non-profit that helps couples transition out of homelessness

Community Building

It is our pleasure to be rooted in Atlanta and we believe in giving back to the community that surrounds and supports us. Here are some of the ways that we focus on building community:

  • Food and art go hand-in-hand! Last year, we worked with amazing Southern artists to produce the PeachDish postcard series. Artist Black Cat Tips also designed a box and truck wrap for us.
  • We compost food waste through partner company CompostNow, who donates the composted soil to local farms
  • If you’re in the area, don’t be surprised to see us at a festival or event. Check out our events page to see our upcoming schedule. We'd love to meet you!

Our Team

The PeachDish team in front of a sign that says food

PeachDish is the intersection of food, logistics, agriculture, technology and communication. Our chefs and managers are award-winning and have long backgrounds in the Southern food community.

We are highly reachable! Our small customer service team is here for you. Any time you reach out to Michael, Sarah or Terence, they’ll work for your 100% satisfaction.

Each PeachDish recipe is designed by an award-winning chef or cookbook author. Learn more about our Chefs on our Chefs Page.

Learn more about our amazing team on our Team page.