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I am so impressed with the quality of your food, service and business interface. I've gone from 4 to now 5 meals a week. Awesome, I love Peachdish!
Cindi H.
Roan Mountain, TN
It was a nice gift from my sister. I have been cooking for years, including 4 years professionally developing recipes and the experience was easy. I didn't have to think about it or choose ingredients.
Joe & Ann
Birmingham, AL
Fresh, delicious ingredients, recipes worthy of the ingredients. Locally sourced and quick delivery. I have tried all the services, but keep returning to PeachDish.
Susan M.
Sandy Springs, GA
I always enjoy the peach dish meals and find them easy to follow and tasty.
Marla V.
Alpharetta, GA
I'm cooking with ingredients I wouldn't normally use, and making recipes I wouldn't necessarily have considered previously. Although I'd like to think my palette and kitchen repertoire aren't that narrow, it was still cool to learn that a) I like turnips and b) fish chowder isn't scary - it's delicious! I'm been raving about it to everyone!
Kristina K.
Evans, GA
PeachDish enabled us to create a "Fine dining" quality entree at home!
Cynthia N.
Granbury, TX
The experience of cooking alongside my wife is fun and intimate. Makes for a wonderful weekend experience for us.
Frank S.
Chicago, IL
We have eaten our first 7 meals. They have all been delicious- far superior to Blue Apron or Marley Spoon. THANK YOU!
Debbie K.
Princeton, NJ
Absolutely amazing experience. Cooked the dishes according to the easy to follow recipes with my daughters and it was super tasty. You have eliminated grocery shopping, made me into a gourmet chef, added time back into my day, simplified my life and made me even more awesome in my daughters' eyes. THANK YOU Peach Dish!
Joel B.
Austin, TX
I am a first time cook and these recipes (with a little advice from my wife) were very easy to follow. The meals turned out well.
Brian W.
Alexandria, VA
I LOVE the list of providers; the quality of the food is the best I've experienced in a 'box' situation.
Lindsay H.
Nashville, TN
The meals all have such different tastes. We have enjoyed them all.
Jenelle M.
Northport, AL
The meals were so tasty and made us feel like we were eating at a fancy restaurant!
Mary F.
Urbana, IL
Nothing now it has been a joy ! Keep up the good work ! I was a subscriber to another competitor of yours and by far you are the best! All the way thru from menu to directions, delivery and quality of food!
Bert A.
Midland, MI
I like trying new recipes. With the Peach Dish experience I get exposure to new recipes, ideas, and techniques.
John R.
Carlsbad, CA
The food is always fresh, and the directions are always easy to understand, while also teaching cooking skills.
Kaitlyn S.
Nashville, TN
Recipe was easy to follow and the pork chops were amazing. We loved the entire meal.
Lauren R.
Asbury Park, NJ
It was easy to cook something amazingly delicious. Plus, I loved the calories were there for me to see.
Deidre P.
Powder Springs, GA
So nice to branch out and use ingredients I don't typically keep around the house. I learned a lot and felt like we ate really healthily.
Kim M.
Reading, MA
So easy and a new twist to learn how to make good food
Diana E.B.
Phoenix, AZ
Peach Dish meals are perfect to take along in the trailer when we travel! We enjoy the blog site with suggested beer pairings as well. Thank you for listing the ingredients with the degree of accuracy you do. Some meals we may want to revisit on our own!
Carol G.
Tucson, AZ
We like that PeachDish servings are generous, unlike another meal kit we tried out that skimped on amounts. We appreciate the free extra somethings, and we appreciate that we always get a little extra PeachDish salt with the order. That stuff is so good.
Gina R.
New York, NY
The food is really good - recipes are tasty but not crazily complex or time consuming or messy!
Dixon G.
Atlanta, GA
Different food, different ingredients, convenient, and super fun! We love it!
Lori & Rebekah
Tenafly, NJ
Great quality ingredients. Like the credo of the company supporting local growers in GA. Definitely one of the best options out there.
Lorant K.
Miami, FL
It's so convenient and I can do it all in my kitchen at my college.
Sonia B.
Lewisburg, PA
The food was delicious and the recipes are the easiest of any meal delivery service I tried.
Aly N.
Archer, FL
The directions were easy to follow and ingredients fresh. Highly recommend to anyone.
Gretchen K.
Minnetrista, MN
The ingredients are fresh and the meals delicious. Simple to prepare. I'm really enjoying the service.
Helen S.
Secane, PA
I love the way peachdish cares about their customers and recipe choices
Annarose C.
Cortlandt Manor, NY
I've never cooked anything like these meals, and I've always had a terrible mental block when it came to cooking. I wanted to jump in the deep end, but with help. Having the exact ingredients and instructions is fantastic!
Timothy O.
Colby, WI
The first thing that stood out for me was the freshness of each ingredient. I could smell some of them upon opening the PeachDish delivery box. Everything looked and smelled as though I had just gone to my local farmer's market. The next appealing thing for me was the actual flavor of each dish; they were exceptional! I felt like I was eating not just a very fresh but healthy meal. I found the recipe cards to be fairly easy especially since I am very intimidated by the thought of having to cook at all. Finally, the size of the portions (for two) were perfect, not too small like some others I've tried.
Jennifer K.
East Hampton, CT
The nice variety of ingredients. The recipes are definitely superior and we enjoy preparing them.
Robert & Patricia
Normal, IL
It was fun to put together!
John K.
Malabar, FL
This was a recipe I would have hesitated to try on my own, but with all the ingredients and recipe right there it was easy. Thanks!
Lauren R.
Asbury Park, NJ
I liked being able to select the dishes. The quality of the produce was great. I like that it is grown locally or regionally.
Jill W.
Decatur, GA
Tasty food I would never make on my own
Kristen B.
Durham, NC
Other than sending a home chef out here to put it all together? I think you have done a great job. I love the packaging with all the different meals coming in the nice, different colored mesh bags. The ease of putting everything together, with small amounts of chopping, dicing, etc so I feel like I contributed SOMETHING to the meal .... also, my husband thinks I put in a lot of effort, so he typically offers to clean up after dinner .... : )
Lou B.
Lilburn, GA
The cute packaging, the "extra" treats and presents that were included, but mainly the overall quality and taste were superb
Caitlin M.
Columbus, OH
It was fun and easy, and the ingredients were fresh and of high quality. I am raving about PeachDish to my family and friends!
Diane K.
Lexington, KY
It was easy and the instructions were fool proof. Loved cooking with ingredients I've never used before.
Lauren C.
Blountsville, AL
I noticed you guys are now putting the date in the subject line of the "order confirmation" emails. :) I love the feeling that you pay attention to our feedback. PD rocks!
Amanda & Joe
Dunwoody, GA
Easy to make, delicious meals. Peachdish is awesome!!
Jennifer C.
Lake Worth, FL
I love the premeasured ingredients! It's like having a prep chef in a box.
Kelly V.
Winston Salem, NC
I really appreciate the quality of the meat and produce. That's what's most important to me in choosing a food service, the quality of the food.
Ro A.
Metairie, LA
I live in rural Montana without access to places to eat or easy access to a good grocery store, so I appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about that.
Dana B.
Denton, MT
It made making a healthy meal for my family easier. I loved how everything was portioned out....great experience!
Rachel D.
Charleston, SC
All the ingredients were there, the directions were super-easy to follow! It made me look like a gourmet cook!
Amy D.
Charlotte, NC
This was my first home meal delivery experience. I researched several other sites, but I settled on Peach Dish for two reasons: geographic location and because I was able to see all of the nutritional value prior to making my selections. I was able to make an informed decision mixing dishes with various caloric counts, but staying overall within my caloric range for the week. Additionally, the dishes provided ample servings, which allowed me to expand the dishes into a lunch as well. I have enjoyed this experience and will be a repeat customer in the future.
Kyla S.
Smyrna, TN
Delicious and high quality! Beautiful package too.
Katja H.
Durham, NC
Easy, delicious, no wasted food. Healthier, faster, and cheaper than ordering a pizza.
Sarah C.
Spring, TX
Having just the right amount of ingredients. I find that I have less waste each week since I get just the right amount of herb or grains needed and don't have that large bunch of sage to deal with after. I appreciate that. Never mind -- the freshness of vegetable and extraordinary selection!!
Jackie H.
I live in Georgia so the quality of the ingredients, short shipping distance and locally sourced are all pluses.
Liz M.
Arnoldsville, GA
The recipes are things I would never think to cook on my own and they always turn out delicious because of the great instructions. I love that each box comes with fresh peaches and the meals are easier packaged together.
Amber K.
Columbia, SC
We have tried dishes that I would not normally make. My husband has especially enjoyed having some dishes that remind him of things his Southern family used to fix....only better!
Patsy S.
San Jose, CA
The tomatoes were awesome! The recipes were really tasty and unique things I never would have made on my own.
Rhonda S.
Everett, WA
The ability to create healthy all natural meals for my wife who is in triathlon training without having to think of recipes, create shopping lists, and go to store is priceless!
Steve S.
Reidsville, NC
Flavor mixtures and trying new ingredients were both top notch. Trying the squash recipes is something new. I've never done much with squash. These are keepers that I'd fix again.
Tammy F.
Huntington, WV
PeachDish makes cooking fun and convenient! The food quality was excellent- I could not believe I cooked this!
Lauren D.
Jackson, NJ
Learning new skills and recipes, while cooking restaurant quality food.
Lori W.
Canton, GA
This is the third food delivery that we have tried and yours seemed the simplest and nice presentation with recipes.
Mary Alice D.
Poinciana, FL
The food combinations. I never thought to put it all together. I have 15 month old twins and they loved it.
Angela M.
New York, NY
I really like PeachDish as it's allowing me to expand my palette :o)
Wendy W.
Lexington, SC
Hello Peach Dish~ First I want to say I love what you do! I love cooking and you made cooking fun again! Love trying new recipes with fresh ingredients and Peach Dish has been my favorite meal planning company I have tried! The recipes are unique and love the extra goodies in each package!
Starla H.
Broken Arrow, OK
The menus are always interesting, the instructions are easy to follow. We enjoy the variety of dishes.
Robert & Patricia
Normal, IL
The flexibility and variety of choices is exceptional. Also, the quality of the recipes. It is like eating a very good restaurant meal at home! Also, I love the bags for the meal ingredients. This makes it very easy.
Marguerite G.
LaGrange, TX
I recommend PeachDish all the time.
Bess R.
East Hampton, NY
The freshness of the produce exceeded my expectations.
Steve T.
Charlotte, NC
Compared to other companies, they were faster and easier to prepare. I like the way each meal was individually packaged.
Cynthia M.
Tampa, FL
We're homesick for the south (in FL now) so we really love getting food from 'home'. Particularly when it comes from farms we know!
Christa G.
Boca Raton, FL
All the food was fresh and delicious. Quick and easy to prepare. Loved knowing what was for dinner and that I had all the ingredients at my finger tips.
Jill K.
Phoenix, AZ
The taste of southern deliciousness even though I live in NYC. It actually lowers my homesickness to get my box from my beloved Georgia each week. I have told all of my friends about Peach Dish!
Melanie S.
New York, NY
I loved the variety of dishes, the healthy quality of the food, and the ease of preparing the dishes.
Mark P.
Little Rock, AR
Love feeling like a chef!
Dee C.
Greenville, NC
The meal offerings are nicely different and intriguing. Very good! Also, the instructions are clear and well-illustrated.
Robert & Patricia
Normal, IL
The ingredients were fresh and I liked that they were responsibly grown/raised. The meal was delicious, and I enjoyed trying something new (muscadines).
Laura H.
Nacogdoches, TX
Love the fresh local ingredients - love the listing of the items and sharing with my kids exactly where their food was from.
Beth T.
Birmingham, AL
Don't have to shop for food and I feel like a chef!
London O.
Wilmington, NC
1) All the ingredients were fresh and tasty. That is very important to me, quality ingredients. 2) It is easy to create a meal with another person while you chat and enjoy each other's company, not having to rush to the store for a forgotten item. 3) I can add salt to my taste. I'm low sodium. 4) New food - muscadines are fabulous! Arugula without other leafys has a lot of character. 5) Good proportioning and nutrition - I share the experience with my boyfriend, with whom I've also shared one of my kidneys. Nutrition is important to both of us. 6) No last minute substitutions because there are no muscadines at the store or the figs are overripe. Its all in the box! Yay!
Kathleen M.
Richmond, TX
Both dishes were very good, and healthy as well. I've involved (i.e., forced) my teenaged children in the cooking experience, and that is actually turning into a good thing. Like the fact that I am cooking things I might not choose for myself. With long working hours, it's very tough to eat healthy- this service goes a long way in helping with that.
Susan G.
Hackettstown, NJ
I loved having my meals already planned, and being able to eat a "gourmet" dinner during the week.
Amy K.
Lexington, SC
Ingredients are fresh and tasty! Recipe was easy to follow - I appreciated the color photos and step by step layout. Love the farm to table aspect of this meal service and the fact that Peachdish highlights the chefs/producers. Very happy so far! - also enjoyed the extra special peach treat! Such a pleasant, yummy surprise:)
Kelly S.
Watervliet, NY
Smoked Bacon w/Butter Beans & Pickled Fennel was amazing! Enjoying PeachDish because the dishes are different than what I normally cook, (pickled fennel) but not too unusual for our tastes! Allowing us to broaden our dining horizons just a little!
Becky P.
Clovis, NM
We like the taste, innovation, chef info and the cooking-participation aspect. You're doing a superior job on Eco packing!!!! Much better then the others.
George H.
Savannah, GA
All recipe ingredients are packaged together and instructions are very easy to follow. All recipes have been delicious; 30 mins or less and you’re ready for a nice restaurant experience at home.
Terry S.
Apopka, FL
I love how easy the recipes are and the exposure to unusual ingredients.
Sally L.
Memphis, TN
I loved the local farmer ingredients. I wish I lived in Georgia so that I could take advantage of those products.
Alice S.
Downers Grove, IL
Perfect portions and the convenience is awesome. My wife is training for an Ironman Triathlon. This service is allowing me to feed her healthy, nutritious food without planning or shopping!!
Scott S.
Reidsville, NC
Customer service. One of the eggs arrived broken and Terence contacted me on a weekend outside of regular business hours. When I had a problem with Blue Apron it took two days to hear back from them.
Jennifer J.
Maspeth, NY
The convenience is unbelievable.
Darlene P.
Cumming, GA
Quality. Transparent sourcing. Excellence in menus and presentation. You are ahead of the game with insulation in your packaging.
Katja H.
Durham, NC
I was able to share my meal with another friend who is now interested in trying it out. She loved it, too! Such great flavors and fresh tastes
Kimberly M.
Portage, MI
The freshness of everything was amazing. The step by step directions are so easy to follow even my husband who never cooks could follow them. I am so happy with the list of local folk that PeachDish buys from. Well done!!!
Stephanie V.
Cumming, GA
This meal was perfect. Even though it was a terribly hot day, the ingredients were all cold and fresh. The actual meal was flavorful and easy to prepare.
Lauren R.
Asbury Park, NJ
That I didn't have to plan dinner after an exhausting day at work. (I work in a restaurant). That my husband made a delicious dinner by himself and is learning some cooking skills so the burden won't always be on me. That these are meals I would prepare, not grease and salt-laden takeout food.
Marleen H.
Philadelphia, PA
Great meals and I didn't have to think about what to make or do the shopping. I love peach dish and recommend it to everyone!
Carol F.
Sarasota, FL
Very positive, great packaging, easy to use website, delicious easy to prepare recipes....great overall experience!
Chris G.
Mount Juliet, TN
The recipes are straightforward and they make preparation simple. However, I don't think they are "easy" (though I guess for a real cook they are). I like that they are just challenging enough for me to learn cooking concepts. the outcome is always SO good!
Decatur, GA
I loved being able to try out a new recipe without hunting down the recipe, ingredients, and getting up the energy to make it happen. It took cooking from a chore to a treat!
Kathryn J.
Memphis, TN
Love PeachDish! We switched from Hello Fresh due to Peachdish being more local to us. The recipies are much more creative (in my opinion!), and the produce never has gone bad.
Joseph L.
Columbia, SC
The packaging is wonderful and by far the best compared to Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.
Suzan M.
Germantown, TN
I love not having to figure out what to make and shop for it. But I love to cook, so it's great that it's still cooking a home cooked meal, and not mixing 3 ingredients in a bowl and putting it in the microwave. It's also getting us out of our habits to try new recipes more often. And the food is great.
Rory F.
Charlotte, NC
Delicious ingredients and easy to follow recipes.
Linda T.
Hammonton, NJ
Every dish is delicious! I switched from HelloFresh because you have more weekly options. So far, very impressed.
Sarah G.
Brunswick, GA
The recipes are great! Nice to have everything ready to go!
Christy A.
Atlanta, GA
Convenience; interesting selections; very high quality meats
Cecelia E.
Reston, VA
It frees up my brain for one night a week and we get to eat something worthwhile.
Kirsten W.
Pensacola, FL
The food was fresh and packaged well.
Sandra S.
Miami, FL
I love taste of such healthy dishes! Even my 6 year old raves!
Lynda C.
St. Louis, MO
I loved being able to try out a new recipe without hunting down the recipe, ingredients, and getting up the energy to make it happen. It took cooking from a chore to a treat!
Kathryn J.
Memphis, TN
The meals are very tasty and the right size, not too big, not too small.
Nick D.
Chicago, IL
The freshness of the ingredients is fantastic. Recipes are easy to follow. This way of eating is much better and healthier than ordering takeout!
Greg L.
Arlington, VA
I enjoy that the recipes are a bit more interesting than Blue Apron.
Emily J.
New York, NY
The excitement of creating a new, easy meal together with my son.
Marni B.
Southbury, CT
The recipe cards are very easy to follow. The dishes tasted fresh just as if I had purchased ingredients at home.
Jeremy W.
Walnut Creek, CA
Very convenient, easy to follow recipe and the meals are delicious.
Sandra Q.
Pekin, IL
I like the quality of ingredients; great recipes that aren't too fussy
Ashley L.
Huntington Woods, MI
I like being able to try dishes with ingredients that I don't normally purchase
Zita S.
Palm Harbor, FL
I love the convenience. The meals are also super delicious and reasonably easy to make!
Alison S.
Atlanta, GA
Fresh ingredients. Delish recipes that even I could do! Also a vegan so it was awesome that they have these options.
Debbie T.
Hampton Bays, NY
Love the FANTASTIC RECIPES. Food is wonderful and fresh. All good. I am very in sync with Seth Freedman's style of cooking.
Andrea W.
Atlanta, GA
I loved it!!! Am learning how to cook and this is such a perfect tool to do so. The meals have been so delicious. Thanks for putting together a great service like this!
Daria J.
Palo Alto, CA
It's challenging enough to be interesting, but the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. I love preparing my mise en place first - it makes everything flow from there.
Jennifer A.
Avondale Estates, GA
I experienced some flavors I would not have ordinarily tried. It was very filling and the portions were perfect.
Rushia S.
Jacksonville, FL
The directions were easy to follow, and we have been using this as a "date night" in our home. It has made cooking so much fun because we are both working together to prepare our meal.
Mary S.
Lewes, DE
Great local, fresh food I have already recommended you guys to friends :)
McDonough, GA
The food is really great. I've tried some other services and these are the tastiest.
Jenny R.
Tuscaloosa, AL
I really enjoy the sourcing practices & that I can try out southern cooking (totally new for me).
Chelsea R.
Chambersburg, PA
How the meals are bagged together... it's super easy to toss in a drawer in my fridge and pull out when it's go time. The GRITS, I have 35 years of no grits in my life to make up for.
Kirsten W.
Pensacola, FL
The exposure to new recipes and the convenience of having the food delivered. It's so nice not to have to come up with the dinner plan.
Elizabeth M.
Leominster, MA
The beef dish was absolutely delicious! I have recently tried Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated and Peachdish was by far the best!
Meghan M.
Miami, FL
Dinner was delicious and everything - from food quality to packaging to directions - was first class! We will definitely use Peach Dish again!
Penny S.
Atlanta, GA
Kuddos to the chef! The chicken with cauliflower dish was incredible. One of the best things to ever come out of my kitchen!
Karen M.
Rochester, NY
I was impressed by PeachDish and would definitely recommend it. The food was very fresh and the meals are quite healthy- 2 things that are very important to me.
Amanda H.
Detroit, MI
I love discovering new foods, and cooking it together with my husband.
Vicky C.
Mt. Pleasant, SC
My favorite thing is how all of the ingredients are bagged together for each dish. So convenient! Everything is fresh, and some are locally sourced. That's my second favorite thing.
Nancy C.
Deactur, GA
Both dishes were delicious and, again, the recipes were easy to follow. My husband commented on how fresh and high quality all the ingredients were, especially the chicken breast.
Danielle A.
New Albany, OH
I LOVED the packaging, freshness, taste and convenience. The dishes were not overly salty...they were seasoned just right. I felt like I was opening a present to myself! Very thoughtful presentation!!
Karen L.
Johns Creek, GA
I appreciate the convience of products being delivered and it is fun to try new techniques and recipes. We recieve unusual and delicious flavor combinations delivered to my door that are hard to find locally up in the mountains. The packaging feels as if it's a gift and is such fun!
Elaine F.
Sylva, NC
You're introducing me to some new vendors. I love discovering good vendors. Revere was quite good and the eggs were delicious. I have known about Braggs Liquid Aminos for quite some time but never imagined they could taste like my specialty aged soy sauce.
Cheryl J.
Cranberry Twp, PA
PeachDish is my favorite meal delivery service of the three I've tried so far. I've been ordering from them off and on for about 9 months, and I still go back to them after trying slightly cheaper options (Blue Apron, HelloFresh)... PeachDish stands out to me for their quality of ingredients most of all. In fact, one of my only complaints is actually a compliment. I can't seem to replicate some of their recipes because the ingredients I purchase on my own are apparently not of the same quality.
Jessie W.
Deactur, GA
Peach Dish meals have always been of great quality and have the feeling of a very personal touch from the ingredients to the recipes. Keep up the good work.
Richard A.
McCall, ID
The roasted salmon was the best dish ever to come out of my kitchen. Looked and tasted like 4 star restaurant fare. Wine pairing suggestion was spot on. Excellent!!!
Dwayne D.
Washington D.C.
As usual the food was great and the recipes interesting. My package arrived right when they said it would.
John H.
The Villages, FL
You all have quality meat and nice produce. We love working with the abundance of fresh herbs you send.
Lisa B.
Sheboygan Falls, WI
I loved trying new things. The recipes were easy to follow and fun. It was awesome to have everything delivered right to my doorstep and have my meal planning taken care of for me.
Jennifer I.
Wilmington, NC
I love cooking and spending meal prep and dinner time with my family. You've helped me to love to cook again -- I have satisfied customers (my family) and a clear direction on what I'm going to cook for two nights each week--these two nights are family meals nights--everybody looks forward to our PeachDish dinners.
Heidi P.
Doylestown, PA
So easy and nice to follow. I didn't have to think about what to make. We had so much fun cooking together!
Darla W.
Lubbock, TX
Carefully selected, fresh and perfectly portioned ingredients. I loved the packaging and the menu was very easy to follow. We had a lot of fun preparing the dish and it came out delicious. A++
Madeleine B.
Miami, FL
I absolutely loved how easy the whole experience was! Having all the food that's needed and not have to try to determine how much a cup of diced carrots actually is and buying too many carrots or too little carrots was great. My boyfriend and I had the best time cooking our meals together and the recipe was really easy to follow.
Racquel L.
Harlingen, TX
I loved that it was so easy to understand and everything was pre-measured. I know risotto is not an easy dish to make, but I found it very simple with PeachDish! Thanks!
Christie K.
Whitestown, IN
It was great to try new recipes that I definitely wouldn't have made on my own. There were some herbs and spices I had never used before! PeachDish makes it easy and convenient to try new things!
Sarah S.
Owls Head, ME
It gives me something to look forward to when I get home from a long, hectic day and would rather not cook. It keeps me motivated and excited to learn new, healthier recipes.
Beth M.
Ringgold, GA
Healthy recipe. Dinner ready in less than an hour. Fruit and vegetables tasted like bought at a road-side vegetable stand, not like bought at grocery store.
Karen E.
Homewood, AL
It is amazing how your recipe is put together with interesting ingredients and comes out so perfect. I also like your weekly beer and wine pairing.
Aikiko S.
Wakefield, MA
I love to cook but sometimes I don't want to shop for all the ingredients needed. With PeachDish everything was there. The meals were fun to make and they tasted GREAT.
Martha D.
Louisville, KY
I loved all of it. I had heard that sometimes orders with such services as you're providing can get messed up, but I'm pleased to say nothing went poorly. The package arrived quickly, it was well packed, and the food was fresh. As someone who suffers with chronic pain, fatigue, and illness I've mostly given up on cooking from scratch. This brings that joy back.
Esther B.
Virginia Beach, VA
Great customer service and delicious recipes! Everything came superbly well packaged. Nice added touch with the free peaches and chocolate
Katie L.
Atlanta, GA
I was impressed with how carefully the ingredients were wrapped for keeping the freshness. The recipe was simple and rich. The final product was delicious! My wife and I loved it!
Ricardo G.
Smyrna, GA
We loved the recipes and how easy they were to make due to the clear directions and pre-portioned ingredients.
Fontaine L.
Atlanta, GA
PeachDish is the second company that I have tried, but it beat the competition. I enjoyed it so much and it was much easier to make.
Jane T.
Macon, GA
The burger was amazing. The best burger I have ever had at home, or in any restaurant and I made it myself! Thanks to you guys, I love cooking now!
Noah R.
Grandview, MO
PeachDish makes cooking a delicious meal at home really easy for a busy schedule.
Rebecca R.
Atlanta, GA
The recipes were different enough to be outside our usual, but they were still approachable so that even our two young kids would eat them.
Marissa H.
San Antonio, TX
Easy to cook, delicious, and just the right amount of ingredients so my fridge isn't packed with a bunch of stuff I don't necessarily need.
Jonet E.
Winter Haven, FL
We loved everything about our meals... The ingredients were high quality and the dishes were yummy. We loved the pretty packaging too!
Mark. Y
South Abington Township, PA
We love the high quality ingredients and innovative recipes.
Joe M.
Haddock, GA
We tried the new recipes successfully. The finished products looked so much like the photos and tasted so good!
Barkley S.
Mobile, AL
Directions are very clear, and the meals turn out exactly as promised, which is no small feat for me. Primarily, though, the food is incredible.
Monica T.
Kings Mountain, NC
The food was so fresh. The recipes were easy to follow. I gave up cooking for "lent" long ago when the kids moved out and had their own families. I live alone with my two dogs and work a very demanding job. This is convenient for me to come home, have a healthy meal (with leftovers), and still have some time in the evening to unwind.
Mary K.
Kingsport, TN
This Lobster Risotto has to be one of the top 5 meals that I have had in my entire life. Beautifully packaged, easy to prepare, WOW!
Shelby M.
Boynton Beach, FL
We really love having unique meals that we would normally not prepare.
Joe K.
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