Nature's Kitchen

Nature’s Kitchen was founded by Rory Mitchell, his wife Archana, and their son Zachary.  Together, they began our food journey experimenting with various herbs and spices as a means of improving health and introducing the flavors of our Jamaican & Indian cultures to Zachary.

"We didn’t set out to create a product line.  Our love for experimenting in the kitchen, the inspiration that comes from music, our passion for entertaining and bonding over great, tasty meals keeps us going.  We have an opportunity through our products to share an experience with our customers, and to spread our love for local and natural ingredients throughout our community. 

Much of the thought that we have put into our business has been motivated by what we hope to leave behind for our son, a legacy passed on to us through our Jamaican and Indian heritage, which for us is partly based on the transformation and continuance of our culture through food.   For our family, this started with cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, cooking for friends and family, but more importantly that our son would have an appreciation of who we are by what we ate.  Our focus has been on using ingredients from our respective cultures which are meaningful to us and appreciated by others whether for medicinal or exotic properties."

They use all-natural gluten-free vegetarian ingredients and are being big on flavor over fillers.  There are two things they believe help to differentiate the Nature's Kitchen brand/products from others. First, the focus is on creating products that are a fusion of the founders' culinary cultures – Jamaica and India – both known for their rich & complex flavors, and where food plays an important role in the celebration of life’s many events.  Second, their products, especially our sauces and marinades were created to have a wide variety of uses at any point in the cooking process.  They can be used as marinades, sauces, flavor enhancers, condiments or as complements to other dishes.