Organic Valley

Farmers first and business people second; Organic Valley's mission has always been to produce delicious, organic food in a way that keeps the family farm alive.

Organic Valley was founded on the idea that if we respect the land and work with Mother Nature, we’ll be rewarded with delicious, organic food we can be proud of. It’s a philosophy you can taste in every drop and every bite, and it’s helping to change the way Americans think about their food.

"As demand for our organic foods quickly grew, so did farmers’ interest in joining our cooperative. Family farmers all over the country wanted to be part of this thriving movement. But as we expanded out of the Coulee Region, it became obvious we needed a brand name. After all, we couldn’t keep calling our cheese CROC (Coulee Region Organic Cheese).

After weeks of brainstorming, a couple of our very first employees came up with a name: Organic Valley. And with a new name and our cooperative business model, we soon emerged as the nation’s leading producer of organic dairy.

Now, after 27 years in business, we continue to produce some of the highest quality organic dairy, vegetables, soy and eggs. But our mission to create a healthier future never ends."