"We bring a high level of thoughtfulness and intention to every aspect of our business. This would certainly include the packaging. We've already proven that we cut down on food waste. And since day one, we have been focused on minimizing the environmental impact of our business by using as much recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging as possible. Our recycling program is a continuation of this effort to respect the planet." - Judith Winfrey

What to do with those leftover PeachDish packaging materials? The choice is yours!

Let us Help You Recycle! Give our Recycling Program a shot, or if you are a local to Atlanta, leave your materials with us at a farmers market.

#RePeach! Repurpose our materials for fun, everyday uses! We would love to hear your ideas for how you #RePeach - Tag @PeachDish and #RePeach on facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to be entered in our monthly contest.

Recycle at Home! Get some creative ideas on how to reuse our materials below.

Ice Packs

Ice Packs are great to refreeze and keep on hand, but if you start to find them piling up, go ahead and cut the corner then drain that non-toxic soluble gel down your kitchen sink. Afterwards, recycle the #1 plastic The main ingredient is water. The trace component is sodium polyacrylate.

Organza Bags

Wrap up a gift with these lovely hued mesh bags - hint: a bottle of wine looks ultra elegant tied up in one of these totes. Read More on our blog about fun uses for the Organza Bags.

Plastic Jars

We love to repurpose those little plastic jars in our lunch bags as salad dressing containers. Headed to the beach? Jar up a little sunscreen to store in your beach bag! If you would prefer to recycle, these jars are made from polystyrene - a material that can be recycled as plastic #6.

Protein Pouches

Going on a road trip? Need a handy lunch bag? These insulated pouches make a quick (and durable) fix for holding your chilled food.

Jute Liners

Need a little mulch for that yard of yours? Repurpose our Jute Liners - made from 100% compostable materials - to help stop those weeds from growing! The plastic #4 surrounding the liner can be recycled.

Our other white liner is also made from recyclable #4 plastic, and has inside stuffing made from reused denim and cotton fibers.

Plastic Bottles

Oh, the options! #RePeach these tiny bottles as travel-sized toiletry containers that are TSA friendly! Bottle your shampoo or mouthwash for easy packing in your suitcase or carry-on. Rather recycle? These bottles fall under the plastic #3 category.

Cardboard Boxs

Did you know that our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard? And are 100% recyclable? That's what we call a closed loop system!

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