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Please note, this dish requires as extensive cook time for soaking the Camellia red beans and slow cooking for flavor. We recommend using a crock pot or waiting to cook when you have extra time on your hands.

We bring you this famous dish from New Orleans food writer and photographer, Pableaux Johnson. Pableaux shares this traditional New Orleans supper every Monday night with at least ten friends around his grandmother's former dinner table around which his mother and grandmother grew up. He invites people for a meal that is "not fancy" but rather a chance for folks to unwind and relax after a hardworked day. We use only the best loved red bean in the United States - Camellia Red Beans - for this hearty dish. Pableaux shared his recipe with us so that you, too, can prepare this classic Creole dish!

This meal kit contains all of the ingredients you need to prepare Pableaux Johnson's famous dish.

Four to six serving kit.