Customer Testimonials

We're blushing! Here's what our customers have said about us:

"Love the ease, always creative recipes, excellent." - Charles Q.

"I was impressed by PeachDish and would definitely recommend it. The food was very fresh and the meals are quite healthy- two things that are very important to me." - Ashley H., Nutritionist

"I like how all the ingredients are all there and I don't have to go to spend a lot of time in a tempting grocery store to hunt for everything to make a decent meal. It enables me to make what I choose to make when I choose to make it without much hassle." -Brian P.

"Unbelievably, I had *never* made dumplings before, despite it being part of my family's heritage. Was always too intimidated. Wow, it was easy. Definitely, I'll do it again! Thanks for the comfort food." - Suzanne W.

"Didn't have to go grocery shopping. Ingredients were pre-measured. Recipe was quick and easy, and food was very tasty!" - Carol S.

"Peach Dish has made a big difference in our eating lives. Each week we look forward to our dinner adventures. It is worth every penny. and, the weekly surprise is awesome! As my partner says, "They (Peach Dish) are the bomb"." - Melissa B.

"I like sweet potatoes now, thanks to you guys... I love that I am trying new things each week. We really enjoyed the soup recipe as well. That kind of food is a great fit for this weather and for the holiday time when everything else you eat seems to be so rich and unhealthy." - Amanda M.

"The Recipe Cards are Spot on!! Super easy dinner! Food is not fancy, and not too simple either. Love the Mason Jar Mousse this week! Main dish was super yummy!!" -Tanya

"Looked like much more effort than we actually put in. We especially loved the salad and the marinade for the beef." -Taylor

"I loved how neat everything was labeled and how beautiful it all looked when I opened the box and after I cooked it." -Ashleigh

"We took the Holiday Sides box to our parent’s house and cooked it and everyone was impressed ;). The root veg, greens and biscuits were great!! My grandma (95 yrs old from Mississippi) said the greens were incredible!!" - Kyle R.