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Smoked Trout Quesadilla, Lime-Cilantro Crema, with Black Bean and Apple Salsa

College has taught us that anything can be made into a quesadilla, but we’re here to tell you that not everything should be made into a quesadilla. The trout has a salty and smoky taste and pairs perfectly with the bright, citrusy flavors of the lime-cilantro crema. The Mexican Crema in this dish is rich and decadent and the buttery tortillas are crispy and light. Black beans and apples aren’t eaten together very often, but this unexpected pairing is the perfect fresh, slightly tart side for the rich quesadilla.

Cook Time: 30 Min

About the Dish

  • Smoked Trout

    Smoked Trout

  • Corn Tortillas

    Corn Tortillas

  • Butter


  • Spring Onion

    Spring Onion

  • Cream Cheese

    Cream Cheese

  • Sweet Peppers

    Sweet Peppers

  • Crema Mexicana

    Crema Mexicana

  • Cilantro


  • Lemon


  • Apple


  • Black Beans

    Black Beans

  • Tomato


  • Sweet Chili Sauce

    Sweet Chili Sauce

  • Ground Cumin

    Ground Cumin