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  • A minimum order of $45 is needed for delivery.


About the Food

Do you have vegan, vegetarian or gluten free meals?

Each week, our menu offers at least two vegetarian dishes and two animal based protein dishes from which you can choose. Your selections are entirely up to you. As a subscriber, if you do not make selections for a particular week (and you do not skip the week’s delivery), we will make selections for you based upon your past preferences. While we don't offer any menus specifically catering to those who cannot or do not consume gluten, the majority of our ingredients are shipped whole so you know exactly what you're eating. On our menu page, you will find a small yellow symbol (TG: Please insert sample of image) to tell you which dishes are “no added gluten.” Registered dietitian Mary Alice Shreve wrote a great blog article with more information about our no added gluten offerings. You may read the piece, here.

May I pick which dishes I want, or does PeachDish pick for me?

PeachDish customers may pick and choose whichever dishes they would like! Be sure to check out our store to shop for some of your southern favorites. If an order or skip is not recorded by Sunday at midnight, PeachDish will ship subscribers dishes based upon their dietary and serving selections. Subscribers can edit these in the Account Settings.

What is the Ribbon Series?

We work closely with farmers and local artisans to ensure that products with the highest quality and flavor go into your PeachDish box. When we find an amazing or less common ingredient to share with you, we will feature it in a Ribbon Series dish.

"Sometimes we find that special product that we want to bring into your kitchen. That's why we're introducing the Ribbon Series, so that we can bring these unique ingredients to you," says Chef Seth Freedman, Culinary Director of PeachDish.

Ribbon Series dishes are offered at a higher price point due to their ingedients, but still provide a great value for the uniqueness or rarity of the offering. Dishes marked with the below blue ribbon icon are part of the Ribbon Series. You will find Ribbon Series dishes featured several times per month on our menu.

The prices for each Ribbon Series dish are listed in the dish description when ordering as well as on your order confirmation email. Enjoy!


What is PeachDish?

PeachDish is an adventure in a box. What’s for dinner? There’s nothing more satisfying than a home-cooked meal, prepared with love and shared among family and friends. And while going out to eat for something different is easy and exciting, it can really add up. PeachDish gives you the best of both worlds. We make it easy to cook a delicious and inspired homemade dinner in your own kitchen, two nights a week. Order a PeachDish box, and you’ll receive recipe cards and all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare the week’s menus. You get to do the fun part—prep and cook, eat and enjoy around the table with friends and family. Our classically trained chefs develop Southern-infused and seasonally inspired recipes for dishes you might order at your favorite restaurant, but are surprisingly quick and easy to prepare at home. We source the freshest ingredients, pre-measure everything for you, pack it in a special insulated box and ship it to your doorstep.

How often is the menu updated?

Each week PeachDish customers will have at least eight dishes to choose from. Four of these will change weekly, our weekly dishes, while the other four change seasonally, our “seasonal dishes.” We offer these popular dishes seasonally to give customers consistent options each week. The four which change weekly will be two meat based protein dishes, and two vegetarian dishes. All of our dishes highlight produce and ingredients based on seasonality in order to deliver the freshest ingredients possible. You can see all of our past dishes and recipes here.


How do I track my delivery? What happens when my order ships?

We will send you a shipping confirmation email once your box begins transit with the tracking information for your shipment. You can also find the tracking number on your account orders page. Our meals are delivered to you using third party shipping companies. The tracking number can be used to follow your shipment's progress via the shipper's online sites.

How do I select my delivery day?

Navigate to the Menu page. Then click on “Menus shipping the week of……” to expand the screen.

Enter your postal code and click update to see the delivery days available in your area.

Select from the available delivery days for each week.

My order just got here. It looks like I am missing something. What do I do?

All of our PeachDish boxes are shipped with an insulated liner and ice packs to keep the contents cold. Be sure to check in-between the liner and the box to find your recipe cards and a weekly letter from our President. We pack the proteins in an insulated silver bag at the bottom of the box. Be sure to pull the meats out and refrigerate them prior to disposing of the box. If you still feel you are missing something, please contact We will make it right.

Do you ship nationally?

PeachDish ships to the entire continental United States. Unfortunately, we cannot currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

When am I charged?

A valid credit card or Amazon account is required to set up your PeachDish account. Subscribers are only charged when they are scheduled to receive a delivery. The charge will occur early Monday morning.

Guest and Gift purchasers are charged at the time of purchase.

When will my order arrive?

All orders must be placed by midnight EST Sunday. You may choose your delivery day. To see which delivery days are offered in your area go here, click on "Menus shipping week........" and submit your zip code.

The majority of our boxes are delivered in the early afternoon, but can be delivered as late as end of day. PeachDish is constantly exploring new shipping methods and options to expand the “Choose Your Delivery Date” function. We hope to allow for more delivery day and time options in the future.

Manage my Account

Help! I'll be out of town, how do I skip an upcoming subscription order?

Upon logging into your account, you will be on the menu page. See screen below:


Please click "Menus shipping the week of.......", to open the drop down screen.


From here, you can view your next four weeks of orders. If you click a day on a particular week, the SKIP option will appear. Once a week is skipped, the small green check mark next to the week will turn into a red "X". If you need further assistance with skipping weeks, please contact customer service at

How do I edit my order?

You have until Sunday at midnight to finalize your order. To change it, login to your account. On the menu page you will see the dishes selected.


You’ll see the dishes you selected have a small “x” under how the quantity you have ordered. Click on the x, and you will be asked you if you wish change your order. Click “Change Menu” and it will cancel your previous order. Select your new menus, add to shipping and click “Confirm” to finalize your new order.


Orders cannot be changed or canceled after Sunday Midnight, EST.

How do I cancel an order?

You have up until midnight EST on Sunday to cancel a weekly delivery. The best way to do that is to log in to your Account and indicate which week's deliveries you want to skip. (See “Help I’ll be out of Town, how do I skip an upcoming subscription order?”)

How do I change my credit card on file?

Login to your account, hover the cursor over your name at the top right corner of your screen. Click on “Your Account”. In the “Your Account” page edit your credit card information in the “Payment info” box. You may also edit it in your Amazon Payments Account if you’ve linked your PeachDish account to your Amazon account.

Can I receive only part of the weekly menu, or customize my weekly box?

Log in to your account, go to "Menu Options" and select the number of meals you wish to order for the week, from a given set of menus. We always offer at least two vegetarian meals and two animal protein based meals. Mix and match as you like.


How much does it cost? What do I get?

PeachDish provides a lot of flexibility! The standard Peachdish delivery includes 4 servings of meals for $50 - or $12.50 per serving - but you can customize your order to your taste. The only requirement is a minimum cart total of $45 for any individual shipment. You can add multiple dishes, additional servings, or products from our market to your shipment depending on your preferences.

To feed a bigger crowd or have plenty of leftovers you can order additional servings of any dish - up to 12 servings per dish. And there's a price break for ordering higher quantities! For example, ordering a total of 8 servings is $90, or only $11.25 per serving.

PeachDish will send everything that you need to prepare from scratch the meals that you order, excluding kosher salt, black pepper, and oil. To stock your home with our versions of those cooking staples, visit our store to purchase a PeachDish Starter Kit). Meal-kits contain pre-measured dry goods, herbs, and spices; fresh, local and organic produce; and pastured and humanely raised proteins. Included in each box is a colorful and simple-to-understand menu card detailing the nutritional information of the dish and a step-by-step recipe with photos.

Shipping is free for subscribers, other than the following states: AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY. These states pay a subscriber shipping charge of $15 per box.

PeachDish also provides the flexibility to purchase a “one-time" delivery by checking out as a Guest purchaser. Guest customers pay a $12 shipping charge in most states. ($27.00 shipping charge for AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY ).

Do I have to subscribe to get a box?

During the checkout process after you select your meals, you'll have the option to either “Live it as s Subscriber” or as a “Taste it as a Guest”:


Becoming a PeachDish subscriber offers several benefits including the ability to:

- Schedule automatic shipments

- Set your dietary preferences and servings plan in your account settings (ex: vegetarian who wants 8 servings of meals per week)

- Save $12 per shipment on shipping costs. This means subscribers enjoy free shipping for all states except the following, which have a $15 shipping fee: AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY

- Skip shipments or cancel your subscription at any time


You can also choose to order as a "Guest" customer without subscribing. Please note that for guest orders there is an additional $12 shipping charge. For the following states the guest shipping fee is $27 (the flat state shipping fee of $15 plus $12): AZ, CA, CO, IA, ID, KS, ME, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY.

How do I refer my friends / relatives to Peachdish? What are the benefits?

Login to your account, hover the cursor over your name on the top right corner of your screen. Click on “Refer a friend”. On the “Refer a friend page” is the unique referral code which you can email to your friends / relatives. If they sign up with this code they will receive $10 off their first box, and you will receive $10 credit as well! It's a win-win!

**Only $10 in credits may be redeemed per purchase.

I am existing customer, how do I apply a coupon code?

When you login to your account, you will be brought to the menu page


Click on "Menus shipping the week of......." the page will expand


Beside "Skipped" & "Resume", there is a symbol of a coupon (circled in the picture above). Clicking on the symbol will open up a box where the coupon code can be applied. Apply the coupon and continue to place your order for the week. If you still need assistance applying a coupon, please contact

For new customers, the code can be applied on the last page of the check out process.

How do I purchase a giftcard?

Please click here and follow the on-screen instructions to purchase your giftcard. PeachDish makes a great gift for all occasions.

I do not wish to sign up yet, but would like to receive menu updates in my email. How do I receive these updates?

Go to our website, scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom right corner of your screen, just above “subscribe” is a field to enter your email address. Enter your email address, click on subscribe, verify email and your now on our email list and will regularly receive updates.

How do I subscribe to a weekly box?

Please visit here and click on “Join the adventure”. You will be directed to the menu page showing you the menus for the upcoming week. Select your menus, add to shipping and continue to check out. On the checkout screen, you will have the option to pick between a PeachDish Membership and a Guest box. If you select PeachDish Membership, your account is open and you’re automatically shipped the next eligible delivery. A Guest Box is a one time box.

Are subscribers committed to getting a box every week?

Once you open your account, you can customize your delivery schedule for the upcoming four weeks. You’ll only be charged for the deliveries that you receive. You can opt out of any delivery in advance (remember, the cutoff is Sunday, Midnight EST). You will receive a weekly email message with the menu for the upcoming week so you can make selections or opt out if needed. Skips must be done prior to Sunday at midnight EST for the upcoming week.

Please note, once you sign up, you have complete access to your account. Your account will always show you a 4 week shipment schedule. If the menu is not to your preference or if you are not available, simply skip that particular week. There are no charges for skipping. If a meal is not skipped, the schedule will go through as a confirmed order whether or not you have actually made a selection. For the weeks that you do not skip or make a selection, we will ship you the dishes which best fit your selection history.


Are the eggs in this dish causing high cholesterol?

Eggs, when consumed in moderation, are a healthful addition to a balanced diet. Eggs are naturally high in dietary cholesterol, which is why we design meals with a limited amount of egg per dish.

What’s the story on coconut milk? I’ve heard it’s high in saturated fat.

Yes, coconut milk is naturally high in plant-based saturated fat. You can read more about this ingredient here.

Where can I find nutrition information about my dishes?

We provide nutritional information for each recipe in two places: online, on the tab labeled “Nutritional Facts” on the Menu page, and on the back of recipe card that comes with your kit. The percentages of our nutritional information are based on a 2,000-calorie diet. Please note that final nutrition may vary slightly from these numbers, dependent upon individual preparation.

How do you size your protein portions?

We follow the USDA serving size recommendations to promote balanced meals with appropriate macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) distribution.

What does it mean if a dish is part of your SuperFood Series?

Our SuperFood feature recipes that are lower in calories (typically between 450 - 550 calories/serving), lower in sodium (less than 25% of the upper safe limit per serving), and low in saturated fat and cholesterol. These dishes also contain at least 4 “super food” ingredients known for their wholesome, healthful properties. SuperFood Series dishes are denoted with a purple heart and apple icon.

Do you use all organic ingredients?

We prefer to source organic ingredients where offered and look to purchase those first. However, we are not a USDA Certified Organic operation.

I have a _____ allergy? Do you offer _____-free options?

While cross-contamination is rare, we are not an allergen-monitored facility. We therefore cannot guarantee that our meal kits are safe for those with severe allergic reactions.

Do you have vegan meals?

We do offer vegan meals from time to time, but they are not a featured part of our weekly menu offering. Many of our dishes could be made vegan, however, by home substitution.

What are your meal portion sizes? Are they filling enough to feed my hungry husband?

We follow the USDA serving size recommendations to promote balanced meals with appropriate macronutrient distribution. Each meal provides two servings that are satisfying for the average consumer. If you need a little “extra,” we recommend adding a protein a la carte from our online store. Read more about the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans here.

Do you have any gluten free options?

We offer “No Added Gluten” dishes that do not incorporate gluten-containing ingredients. These dishes are denoted by a gold strikethrough wheat icon. If you have a severe gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease, please note that we are not a certified gluten-free facility.

Additionally, many of our dishes can be made without gluten via simple home substitutions such as replacing flour with almond meal, chickpea flour, or brown rice flour, replacing pasta with a gluten free brand, or substituting hamburger buns with a gluten free roll.

This dish seems way too high in sodium. Is it healthy?

We are proud to offer balanced recipes and wholesome ingredients. We also strive to offer a spectrum of meal offerings. Sometimes, we feature more indulgent dishes that, while delicious, are intended to be consumed in moderation. The FDA recommends consuming no more than 2300 mg sodium per day. The majority of our meals fall under 50% of this amount per serving.

Are you GMO-free?

We prefer to source organic ingredients where offered and look to purchase those first. All USDA Certified Organic foods are, by law, free of genetically modified ingredients.

Do your ingredients contain trans fats?

No. We do not source ingredients containing trans fats.

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