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  • A minimum order of $45 is needed for delivery.


One of our favorite Southern traditions is to share a meal with a friend who is celebrating a major life event. What better way to let someone know you're thinking about them than sending a delicious, healthy dinner? People never forget a great meal, nor do they ever forget a thoughtful gift. We're here to bring you the best of both and make gift giving easy.

Give the Gift of PeachDish

Each PeachDish meal kit contains all of the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients needed to make four servings. Perfect for two meals for two people or one meal for four people.

The recipient will receive an e-mail letting them know you've given them a gift, and instructions on how to choose their dishes and select their delivery date and location.

PeachDish is a great gift for anyone regardless of their level of culinary expertise. We think it is especially fun to give to:

  • A couple celebrating an anniversary
  • A friend who recently had a baby
  • A friend moving into a new home
  • A couple who recently got married
  • A college student away at school
  • A friend who earned a promotion
  • A person you love, just because!
Who should we say it's from?
To whom should we send it?
We'll send an e-mail to notify the recipient of the gift and give them instructions on how to claim it. They will need to make dish and serving selections and provide preferred delivery location.
How many servings do you want to send?
Our standard weekly shipment is a four serving box: 2 dishes for two people or 1 dish for four. We can send up to twelve servings per week and the gift recipient can apply the credit as they’d like. The gift card amount covers shipping for the number of weeks chosen.
When do you want us to notify recipient?

Include a personalized message. We'll send it via e-mail and print as a gift card enclosure in their meal kit.