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  • A minimum order of $45 is needed for delivery.

Give the Gift of PeachDish

Fresh, portioned ingredients for dinner at home

People never forget a great meal or a thoughtful gift. We’re here to bring you the best of both and make gift giving easy.

PeachDish is a great gift for anyone, regardless of their level of culinary expertise. We think PeachDish is especially perfect for:

  • Mother’s Day
  • End of year teacher gifts
  • Students away from home
  • College graduates
  • Housewarming gifts
  • Newlyweds starting out
  • Busy new parents
  • Someone you love, just because!
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Digital Gift Card


Who should we say it's from?


To whom should we send it?

We'll send an email to notify the recipient of the gift and give them instructions on how to claim it. They will make dish and serving selections and provide their preferred delivery location.


How many weeks of PeachDish are you gifting?

Each week covers the cost of a 4-serving box, plus shipping. If your gift recipient would like to order more servings or shop the market, this card can be applied to any PeachDish purchase.


When do you want us to notify the recipient?


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