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Partner Profile: Elizabeth & Clarke Unstainable Workwear Collection

We're all cooks here, who love making -and eating- PeachDish's chef-inspired recipes. But, we're not professional chefs (except Chef Seth, of course!). We don't have huge walk-in refrigerators, triple or even quadruple-deck ovens, or a laundry service with massive, industrial washers. Our cooking clothes get dirty and stained and, if you're anything like us, after a busy day at work or a long commute (hello, Atlanta!) your cooking clothes are your work clothes. Now, our new partner, Elizabeth & Clarke, has launched their sustainable Unstainable Workwear Collection! These shirts repel tricky stains, from red wines to rich olive oils, so you can wear the perfect white shirt in the kitchen or to your next dinner party without any fear.

PeachDish Launches Recycling Program

Atlanta, GA- PeachDish, the beloved national mealkit business based in Atlanta, GA, has launched a recycling program in an effort to make the meal kit experience more environmentally responsible. While PeachDish has always sourced ingredients grown using sustainable practices, their environmental standards now extend beyond the ingredients themselves by giving customers the option to opt in to a recycling program each week. This program is the first of its kind in the meal kit subscription industry, and PeachDish hopes that others will follow suit to make meal kits more sustainable nation-wide.

PeachDish + BitPay

We're so excited to be the first meal-kit delivery business to accept Bitcoin! We love the tech community, and we're happy to be able to offer delicious, homemade meals to the nation wide bitcoin community.

Five Ways to Reuse your PeachDish Box Packaging

Here at PeachDish, we're always looking for ways to reuse our packaging. While packaging is necessary to keep our super fresh ingredients in tip-top shape for their journey to you, it can be a bit cumbersome post-meal. So here's a list of ways you can reuse our mesh meal bags!

Look-Listen - Andria Sanchez

PeachDish is partnering with a local Digital Advertising Agency, Look-Listen, to help expand our messaging to reach more foodies! Andria Sanchez, the head of their Digital Advertising Group, joined the team at PeachDish Headquarters for the week. Andria and her team are apart of the one of the fast-growing Digital Agencies in-town developing groundbreaking industry tracking and media strategies to improve and expand businesses’ ROI and Total Revenue.

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