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PeachDish Stories

Meet the Chef: Cynthia Graubart

Cynthia Graubart is a food writer, James Beard Award winning cookbook author, speaker, former cooking show television producer, and most-recently the author of Chicken: A Savor the South™ cookbook (UNC Press), a treatise containing essential information for the home cook, humorous anecdotes, and 53 wonderful recipes for both southern and international chicken dishes.

Supplier Spotlight: Apex Food Company

Apex Food Company was cofounded in Apex, NC by two stay-at-home moms, Neha Avasthi and Anupama Singh, who followed their common passion- They both were foodies, and they both loved to entertain people by making unique meals. They were driven by “healthy eating”and “healthy cooking". Based on hundreds of years old recipes and honestly-picked ingredients, they created food that everyone loved, food that left people of every age group and ethnicity demanding more. The challenge to create unique, addictive foods while keeping “goodness at its peak” was met... And the Apex Food Company was founded.

Southern Traditions: Hoppin' John

A New Year's meal is not complete without the classic dish of Hoppin' John, and this year we are bringing you a vegetarian version of this dish that is traditionally seasoned with ham hock. Our Vegetarian Hoppin’ John & Greens features a fresh vegetable medley for a spin on the traditional dish.

Supplier Spotlight: Camellia Brand

Camellia is a trusted, family-owned New Orleans company that’s been offering the highest-quality beans since 1923. Their great-grandfather, Lucius Hamilton Hayward, founded the company to sell red beans in the old French Quarter Market in New Orleans, and since then they’ve expanded to offer beans, peas, and lentils to the world. Camellia's legumes are non-GMO, gluten-free, and meet the “Hayward Standard” – the name their growers gave their bean quality standard – which exceeds the top USDA requirements. New Orleanians are famous for their Red Beans & Rice, and they consistently reach for Camellia's beans to make them – as does Pableaux Johnson, the food lover behind our Red Beans & Rice meal kit containing Camellia Red Kidney Beans.

Meet Pableaux Johnson

We were recently fortunate to have New Orleans-based photographer and writer, Pableaux Johnson, visit our test kitchen. Pableaux not only writes about and documents food- he also cooks! Currently on his traveling Red Beans Road Show tour, Pableaux captures the essence of New Orleans food and culture. Below, you'll hear our in-person interview with him.

Charlene's Banana Pudding

We had the pleasure of having Charlene, the vibrant mother of our visual storyteller Kate Blohm, in our test kitchen this week to showcase her famous banana pudding recipe- and to give us a lesson in how good food, family and tradition are the foundations to a classic southern holiday season. This recipe is only made easier and more fun when there are two sets of hands aiding in the process, and the rewards? Sweet homemade goodness only begins to describe the first delectable bite- but don't take our word for it... the proof is in the puddin'!

Dixie's Cranberry Relish

We recently had a very special visitor at our test kitchen. Dixie Winfrey, mother of PeachDish President Judith Winfrey, gave us a lesson on how to prepare her famous Cranberry Relish. This dish is a Thanksgiving classic, and many families, like the Winfrey clan, have their own version. Enjoy Dixie's recipe below- it requires few ingredients and produces outstanding results. Best of all? This recipe is manageable- as Dixie says, "It's not cooking, it's fixin'." We could not have said it better ourselves...

Supplier Spotlight: 5ive Oaks

This small business located in Birmingham, Alabama thrives on two simple concepts: the paramountcy of family tradition and the striking power of Grandmother's pepper jelly recipe. Although owners Timothy and Heather Murphy recently formed the business in the last year, pepper jelly and canning has been a strong family tradition for generations, and it was through community response and canning lessons from grandmother Carolyn Oyler that the Murphy's decided to take the leap at owning a business. Here's more about the 5ive Oaks adventure:

The Rutabaga Rundown

I’m solid, starchy and round, and I grow in the ground. I can be served steamed, baked, boiled, mashed, roasted or chopped in a soup. I can survive in dark, dry storage for months, so I’m especially fit for winter months. Who am I?

Supplier Spotlight: Alfresco Pasta

Chris Grissom, Alfresco's founder, was a long time culinary expert and chef, always seeking the best quality products to use in his creations. He noticed a lack of quality in the scarce amount of fresh pasta that was available-- he wanted real Italian egg pasta. So, he started his business by studying the true Italian way of making pasta, with fresh eggs and premium semolina flour.

Meet the Chef: Whitney Otawka

Whitney Otawka came into the PeachDish test kitchen recently to make us her Ribbon Series Low Country Boil with Smoked Paprika Butter. The Lowcountry region spans from South Carolina marshes to the Georgia coasts and this dish (sometimes referred to as Frogmore Stew) is a classic preparation of ultra high-quality ingredients. The Georgia shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes soak up the spices and rich butter while bringing their own sweetness to the plate (or newspaper, as it were). This is a dish that our test kitchen team went wild for-- once Whitney turned out that steaming pot of savory Lowcountry deliciousness, there was no working until we about licked the ink off the paper.