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PeachDish Stories

Supplier Spotlight: Paideia School Farms and Gardens

Founded in 2012, The Paideia School Farm serves up to 1000 in the Midtown Atlanta area. As part of the Edible Schoolyard project, all the produce and meats grown in the garden are seeded, raised and harvested by the students, who enjoy not only hands-on experiences in agriculture but also lessons in nutrition, cooking, agriculture, and even history.

Employee Spotlight: Chef Seth Freedman

Chef Seth Freedman, who serves as Culinary Director at PeachDish, is a long time member of Atlanta’s good food movement. In addition to the time he spent in some of Atlanta’s most revered restaurant kitchens, Seth worked as the Program Director for Seeds of Nutrition, a farm to school pilot program aimed at developing standards-based, hands-on garden and cooking curriculum for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. Seth also spent several years working with Community Farmers Markets as the official Chef at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market. During this time, he established and developed connections between CFM and local schools, after school clubs, senior living facilities, and other community organizations. At these community connection posts, he shared his culinary knowledge and expertise, giving hands on cooking instruction as he explained how farmers markets can benefit an individual's health and community.

Ingredient Spotlight: Dandelion Greens

Who knew a weed could taste so good? Though often considered an obnoxious find in one's yard, dandelion greens are a major score in the nutrition department. These leafy greens are chock full of vitamins and minerals while also turning up low in calories and high in fiber. A versatile green with flavor and health benefits? Sign us up, please.

In Defense of Getting Lost: An Afternoon with Will Harris at White Oak Pastures

A few weeks ago, I had one of those adventures that can only begin with someone very stubborn getting very lost. I was coming home from a week of eating and drinking on the Panhandle and found myself accidentally passing through a place called Bluffton, GA, which if you’re unfamiliar isn’t quite Florida and isn’t quite Alabama. What Bluffton is though, is a blink on a long, pine-wooded stretch of two-lane highway that runs all the way from Florida to Tennessee. US census data collected in 2010 shows that Bluffton has only 103 residents. At this point in my solo-journey home to Rome, I’d already watched a cow give birth (seriously) purely by being in the right place at the right time (or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your level of squemishness), taken several wrong turns, and stopped twice to ask for directions.

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