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PeachDish Stories

Guest Chef Courtney Swan

One of our favorite parts of working at PeachDish is getting to build relationships with people who are working diligently to push the good food movement mainstream and radically transform our food system. Our latest PeachDish Guest Chef is just that; part nutritionist and part influencer, Courtney Swan's passion for promoting real food is evident. This week we're featuring her Cauliflower "Fried Rice" with Seared Chicken, Broccoli and Ginger (order by midnight Sunday November 12th).

PeachDish Team Field Trip: Jody's Farms!

We love what we do at PeachDish, whether we're hard at work in the warehouse packing boxes, making deliveries, scrolling through emails, making calls or powering through meetings. But, every so often, we like to make it a priority to take a step back, go outside, and enjoy each other's company outside of the normal weekday grind. Once a month, we take a field trip to visit our suppliers, to experience what a normal workday involves through the eyes of the growers and artisans who provide the ingredients for PeachDish meal kits.

Partner Spotlight: Seniorlink

Seniorlink provides innovative solutions, guidance and support to caregivers nationwide. With over 44 million caregivers committed to caring for a loved one, this company is driven by its passion to support caregivers across the nation along their selfless journey.

#RePeach and WIN!

Everyone's a winner when we recycle, but we want to give our PeachDish guests extra incentive to repurpose, reuse and recycle materials included in our meal kits and delivery boxes- #RePeach and win!

A Closer Look: PeachDish Postcards

Peaches may be out of season, but we’re still not over our favorite juicy stone fruit! We love sending unexpected surprises in our PeachDish boxes, and this week our guests will find postcards flaunting elegant peaches as designed by incredible artists around the country.

Partnership Profile: Joseph Joseph

Here at PeachDish, one of our driving missions is to get people back in the kitchen, understanding and loving the meals they create. Cooking is an organic process meant to be enjoyed at every stage, from sourcing with local, responsible farmers and vendors, to chopping, dicing, and sauteeing, to savoring healthy dishes. Brothers Antony and Richard Joseph created their line of kitchen products for the same reasons. They come from a family of engineers and problem solvers and wanted to apply their passion and expertise to the home.

All About Ayurvedics

What to eat or not to eat; that is the question today for most women I see in my practice. From the low fat diet, to Atkins, the grapefruit diet, raw foods to paleo, women today are confused about what to eat. I regularly see the following dilemmas:

New York, New York

Earlier in 2016, Chef Seth was named a Georgia Grown Executive Chef - an honor given to a handful of Georgia chefs each year. The mission of this program is "to promote and foster relationships between chefs and farmers." This year's group of chefs was invited to prepare a multi-course meal at The James Beard House that featured Georgia-grown ingredients in the heart of the big city. Attendees included fellow Georgians like Gary Black, the Agriculture Commissioner.

Fun at the Farm!

Last Friday we visited Decimal Place Farm, home to some of the happiest goats in Georgia. This trip was a two-for-one (maybe it was a Memorial Day sale?); Mary Rigdon, the owner of Decimal Place Farm in Conley, made room on her land for Hungry Heart Farm about a year ago.

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