8 Farmer & Artisan Mamas We Love (& a Special Mother's Day Discount!)

We love everyone in the PeachDish supplier family, but this weekend we're especially excited to celebrate the amazing, strong moms in the group. It's not easy to raise a family on top of raising crops or running a business, but that never slowed these women down! Below are only a handful that harvest and handcraft products for your meal kits and more.

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Mary Rigdon Hart with her goats on Decimal Place Farm

Mary Rigdon of Decimal Place Farm

Mary is the G.O.A.T, and she's great with 'kids'! All goat puns aside, Decimal Place Farms is located on the green countryside of Conley, Georgia, and is home to some of the happiest goats and tastiest goat cheese around. The goats are friendly and free to roam throughout the vast enclosure, enjoying treats of pine needles from Mary- but not too much as it will make their milk taste like gin! Hungry Heart Farm, which is dedicated to growing produce and herbs, resides on Decimal Place Farm's land, and you can bet it's a culinary match made in heaven (roasted beets and goat cheese, anyone?!).



Photo by Proper Pepper

Deana Tanner Bibb of Proper Pepper

Born and raised in Georgia, Deana Tanner Bibb makes the American Southern staple - pimento cheese - the proper way. For those outside of our neck of the woods, it's a delightful cheesy spread, creamy and chunky, bright orange and flecked with shreds of sweet red pimento peppers. From sandwiches to plain crackers, Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese makes just about anything taste a mile high better- but the right recipe is crucial and appears somewhat lost in today's selection of spreads on the market. Deana has a pair of 7-year old twin girls, who like to eat it on breakfast toast, sandwiches at lunch and on their burgers in the evenings.


Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn team in a cornfield

Photo by Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

Ginger Frank of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn

The story of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn began with a mom of two whose love for homemade popcorn was too big not to share. After years of making popcorn for after-school snacks and movie nights, a friend suggested to Ginger, “You should open a popcorn shop!” And it dawned on her: he was totally right! It took countless hours of research and many batches of not-so-great popcorn, but she started to figure out what worked - and what didn't. (Asheville, North Carolina may be “beer city,” but it turns out that beer-flavored popcorn isn’t the best idea.) From classic olive oil & rosemary to spicy jalopeno cheddar and sweet favorites like dark chocolate pretzel, Ginger and her team never get tired of creating and perfecting their flavors. 



Photo by Babe + Sage Farm

Chelsea Losh-Jones of Babe + Sage Farm

Bobby and Chelsea Losh-Jones are as devoted to sustainable agriculture as they are to each other (they even got married on Babe + Sage Farm in 2013) and their commitment to responsible growing practices is apparent both on the farm and in the community. Chelsea serves in several prominent local organizations, such as Georgia Organics and Wholesome Wave Georgia, while Bobby keeps his hands full with projects surrounding the good food movement. The list of fruits and vegetables they're growing changes as quickly as the seasons, including such favorites as tomatoes, cucumbers, greens and squash- just to name a few. The farm is also home to pigs, goats and chickens, all of which thrive in abundant living conditions and humane environment.


back to the basics 101 family

Photo by Back to the Basics 101

Ginger Butts of Back to the Basics 101

Nestled beside a wheat field in the middle of Georgia, the Butts family has farmed the land for over a century, and what they do with their wheat is not much different than what they did with wheat 100 years ago. They have a stone mill that grinds the Georgia Grown wheat into flour, resulting in the purest form of “whole wheat” flour. By getting "Back to the Basics" with minimal processing, this whole grain wheat has more fiber, nutrients and rich, nutty flavors that you won't find in the baking aisle of your regular grocery store. Ginger has always had a keen interest in nutritional wisdom, and when she decided to switch her family to a diet of whole foods (and whole grains) she witnessed her sons asthma disappear!



Photo by Jenny Jack Farm

Jenny Jackson of Jenny Jack Farm

Certified naturally grown Jenny Jack Farm is run by Jenny and Chris Jackson and located just one hour outside of Atlanta in beautiful Pine Mountain, Georgia.What's in a name? A "jenny" and a "jack" are terms referring to female and male mules, respectively, and mules known for their strength and stubborn nature. Jenny and Chris Jackson takes these personality attributes to heart when it comes to farming (it's also a punny reference to their names!) and work hard to provide good food to good people with all due respect to the plants, animals, and soil they grow with. In addition to a diverse array of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, heritage hogs and hens thrive on the farm, roaming freely, and their foraged diet is supplemented only by non-GMO and soy-free grain.


Jody of Jody's Farms holding a bushel of onions

Jody Kaufman of Jody's Farms

Jody was raised in a farming community in the Philippines, surrounded by growing corn, rice, and farmers. She worked a corporate lifestyle in Georgia for many years before she began to long for the simpler life. Jody's Farms respects the environment, which is why she never treats the chickens with hormones, uses chemical fertilizers or pesticides, or tears up the earth with harmful machinery. We got to visit Jody at her farm last year; check it out!


big daddy biscuits lauren

Photo by Big Daddy Biscuits

Lauren Janis of Big Daddy Biscuits

Dog moms count, too! Located in Atlanta, Georgia, each Big Daddy Biscuit is hand stamped, baked, and packaged by Big Daddy Biscuit Owner and Founder, Lauren Janis AKA Big Mama, and her team of local bakers. Big Daddy – the dog who inspired the name and the healthy biscuit movement - was rescued as a pup off the streets, and when fed organic, nourishing food, his life was turned around! Leaving her corporate job to launch Big Daddy Biscuits, Lauren Janis made it her mission to help other dogs be as happy and healthy as Big Daddy, who is now much older but just as cute and hungry as ever (even without his hearing and vision!). Not only are these treats natural, tasty, and perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, Lauren uses locally sourced ingredients in Atlanta, Georgia, whenever possible to support her community.