Four Ways to Rev Up Your Immune System

Gedalia Genin, who has a PhD in Traditional Naturopathy and over 15 years experience in holistic health, reveals her top four tips for keeping your immune system strong all year long.


Your immune system is your guardian of good health and keeping it strong means you will experience fewer illnesses and even benefit from quick recovery if you become ill. Just as you eat healthful foods, and wash your hands to keep germs away, you can drink beverages such as teas to fight bacteria and viruses.

1) Tea

Teas to help you relax and restore your immunity:

Dandelion- These pesky yellow flower weeds that grow abundantly in your spring garden can help fight off your cold. Researchers found that chemical compounds in dandelion can flush toxins from your system. In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, dandelion supports the liver and kidneys. If you are on medication check with your doctor, as dandelion can act as a diuretic.

Holy Basil- Completely different than the basil you grow in the garden for cooking, “Holy Basil”, also known as “Tulsi” is loaded with antioxidants that work against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Tulsi also helps with skin disorders. The plant is used strung in front of homes in India to ward off negative energy and for protection.

Green- Rich in polyphenols called “catechins”, the research found that green tea is 25 times more potent than Vit C and E- three cups per day can fight infection according to a study at the Brigham’s Women’s Hospital done by the Nat’l Academy of Sciences.

Any of these teas can be purchased at your local natural foods store or on Amazon. Getting in the habit of drinking tea can be both nurturing and supportive of your overall well being.

2) Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy dates back to the Egyptians. They were among the first to use them as medicine. Essential oils are the immune protecting ingredients of plants and flowers. They are synergistic with the human body and work in the same way to protect, and destroy viruses and bacteria. They actually have the highest vibrational frequency of any substance on the planet- meaning they are immune powerhouses. Not all oils are created equal so best to choose therapeutic grade or organic essential oils. Essential oils can easily be applied to your body with a carrier oil such as sesame, coconut or jojoba.  My favorites are Frankincense, Holy Basil, Lemon, and Thieves. Of course, diffusing them in a cool mist diffuser is perfect for both home and office. You can't go wrong choosing an essential oil as they have antiviral and antibacterial components readily available to the human body. Simply use two to three drops mixed with the carrier oil and apply to the bottom of your feet or behind your neck and ears. You can use 2-3 times daily. Some reliable sources of high-quality oils are Young Living, Nature's Gifts, and Mountain Rose.

Drizzling mushrooms with oil

3) Food

By ramping up foods in your diets such as shiitake mushrooms, probiotics, and garlic you are safeguarding your immune system from the onslaught of toxic substances we are exposed to both in the environment and in our food chain. Shiitake mushrooms contain Vitamin B12 which vegetarians need for their immune and nervous systems. Nori, a seaweed, is another excellent source of B12 for vegetarians. The best approach for vegetarians is to combine several sources of B12 such as from eggs, dairy( kefir), and nutritional yeast. Our body absorbs B12 in small amounts so best to eat a variety of foods to get the best results. Supplementing, in this case, is recommended.

4) Probiotics

It takes three to six months for our bodies' micro-biome to recover from a dose of antibiotics! if you need to take them be sure to have a full spectrum probiotic after you've completed the dosage. In addition, it's also important to avoid drugs that lower stomach acid. You need healthy stomach acid to kill parasites, viruses, and bacteria. By limiting the use of painkillers such as ibuprofen that damage and weaken our immune health you are paving the way to optimal health.

Whatever practices you choose, aim to do them with awareness. While you eat, thank the farmer for your food- while you chew pay attention to the flavor and textures- while you walk notice the colors around you- you're immune system will thank you.

Spicy Beans & Greens Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Vegan Pecan “Parm” & Green Onion

Gedalia Genin PhD is a holistic healer and health expert practicing at Centre Spring MD in Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA. She is the recent author of the book "Enough Drugs! I am A Woman And Can heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best, which is available on Amazon. This guide empowers women with a wealth of holistic gems to reclaim vibrant health and inner peace. For those seeking an alternative to prescription drugs, or simply want to live a holistic lifestyle the author clearly distills the benefits of creativity, meditation, movement, Ayurveda, vibrational healing and shows you how to get started on a path to healing and wholeness. Be there for the Book Launch Event on 1/31!

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