How PeachDish Fights Food Waste

Food waste is a major problem in the United States. Here are 3 ways PeachDish works to solve it.

It's Friday morning, and you're departing your favorite cafe, piping hot coffee in one hand and toasty breakfast sandwich (extra avocado, please) in the other. It's the final stretch of your workweek and, armed with this delicious combo, you feel unstoppable - it was made with a lot of love, and you can taste it. You slice a third of the sandwich off and throw it straight into the nearest garbage can, and continue with your day.

Drained chickpeas; halved avocado; lime juice; lime zest; lime wedges; sliced onion; sliced radish; halved pita

Wait... what?!

It sounds crazy (what a waste of avocado!), but that's the way it goes in America these days. According to the USDA, about 31% of all food in the nation is wasted - about 65 million TONS! It's not just a waste of food, either... it's a waste of all the time, labor, water, energy, and resources needed to produce, transport, and store the food. Food waste makes up most of our municipal landfills. To make matters worse, it produces methane quickly- this makes landfills the 3rd largest source of this harmful greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change.

As food lovers who strive be good stewards of the Earth, we're hungry for a solution. We ask ourselves: "What can PeachDish do to reduce and eliminate the amount of food wasted on our behalf? How can we make sure all food ends up in the hands of people who need it, instead of a landfill? How can we put our leftovers and scraps to good use?"


Choosing PeachDish for Dinner Means Eliminating Food Waste at Home

When ingredients are portioned according to the recipe and exact number of servings you need, there's no chance of extra, loose ingredients crowding your fridge, that'll just rot a week. How many times have you bought an entire bunch of cilantro for just a few sprigs, or a full jug of buttermilk for just one cup?

But what about all that packaging waste? Not to fear - the plastic jars and bags are recyclable. Our ice packs are sheathed in recyclable plastic and contain a mixture of plant fiber and water that's safe to pour down the kitchen sink. The insulating liners and cardboard box can be broken down and recycled as well. Visit our Recycling page for more information!


PeachDish Gives Food to the People, Not the Landfill

A major portion of food waste comes from restaurants and food service facilities much like our own warehouse. Slight variations between our estimates can mean quite a bit of leftover delicious, high-quality food on our hands. Rather than throwing it into trash to rot, we donate a large portion of the ingredients to a local food bank, and distribute the rest among employees. Hearts to Nourish Hope food pantry, located in Atlanta, GA, receives about 400 pounds of food each month - enough to satisfy 400 people for dinner!


What Can't be Eaten, Can be Composted

After the preparation and production of meal kits, food scraps are inevitable. When we can't give back to the people, we give back to the Earth, by composting! By partnering with a local business, CompostNow, we put our leftovers and food scraps to good use. About 500 pounds is turned into healthy, nutrient rich soil, which is then distributed to any of the seven farms served in the area - some of which grow and harvest produce for your meal kits. It's delightfully full-circle, when you think about it!


Eliminating food waste is critical for the health of our community and our planet, and PeachDish is a fun, delicious way to begin in your own kitchen.

Happy, waste-free eating, y'all!