5 Foods with More Potassium Than a Banana

Bananas aren't alone in this nutrient race.

Potato-Cucumber Salad with Dill

Potassium is essential to the function of all cells, tissues and organs in our bodies. It acts as an electrolyte (like sodium, calcium and magnesium); it has the ability to conduct electricity in the body. This plays a major role in muscle contraction, so it’s crucial for proper digestion, heart health and physical activity. Luckily, potassium is pretty easy to find – plants absorb potassium through the soil (it helps them use water, among other things) so one can expect most fruits and vegetables to have at least some of the mineral present. Although we can also obtain potassium from meat (especially from those animals that feed on potassium-rich plants) the best source is from fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Bananas are a fantastic fruit – tasty, highly portable and full of fiber and nutrients – it’s no wonder they’re the most popular fruit in the world (well, other than tomatoes, but hey, that's a debate for another time). However, in reality, its potassium content isn't what makes it so a-peal-ing (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

 Below is a list of 5 fruits and vegetables with more potassium than a banana. To keep things fair, all are referenced at exactly 100 grams in weight. For example, 100 grams of banana (which is about the size of a small banana) provides 359mg of potassium, or 10% of your daily value (DV).


Potatoes - 421mg or 12% DV

Sweet potatoes, which come in at 337mg or 9%, are also a delicious source of potassium.


 Lima Beans - 508mg or 14% DV

There are several varieties of legumes that show impressive stats in the potassium department:

- Black Beans with 433mg or 12% DV

- White beans with 389mg or 11% DV

- Lentils with 369mg or 10% DV, just to name a few.


Avocado - 485mg or 13% DV

As if anyone needs another reason to love this fruit, it also comes equipped with a punch of potassium.


Spinach - 558mg or 15% DV

Dark greens are a go-to if you want to up your potassium game. For example, swiss chard contains 379mg or 10% of your daily value.


Butternut Squash - 352mg or 10% DV

Got other winter squash on hand? You're in luck! Many other varieties, like acorn squash (with 347mg or 9% of your daily value) are awesome sources of this electrolyte.

Honorable mentions:

Sockeye Salmon with Ricotta Pesto Pappardelle & Sautéed Mushrooms

Wild Caught Salmon - 363mg or 10% DV

As I mentioned above, plants are typically your best source for potassium, but you may be pleased to know that the Wild-Caught Salmon on your dinner table is serving up plenty of flavor AND potassium!

Dried apricots - 1162mg or 33% DV

Because dried fruits are dehydrated of most of their water content, their nutrients will always be much more concentrated... as well as their sugars. The 749mg of potassium (24% of your daily value) in raisins looks grape (er... great) but comes with a caloric price tag of 300. Fortunately, they pair well with delicata squash, another winter squash that'll supply your potassium needs without overdoing it on the calorie front!

The recommendation for potassium rings in at 4700 mg per day for healthy adults, and it's estimated that less than 2% of Americans achieve this goal! Regular consumption and enjoyment of unprocessed, plant-based foods is key to avoiding a deficiency in potassium (and many other nutrients!). Sound intimidating? PeachDish makes it easy to love your veggies by delivering the tastiest ingredients our suppliers and growers have to offer right to your doorstep, along with an approachable recipe to make them taste nothing less than fantastically flavorful.