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Six Steak Cuts You Need to Know

What do you want for dinner? Steaks sound good? Most meat-eaters in America would answer YES, but that's a pretty open-ended question. There are dozens of cuts of beef; quite a few of them are steaks. We think there are six steak cuts that you should absolutely know. Try all of these and you'll have an excellent grasp of the variety of taste & texture experiences that different muscle and fat structures create.

Georgia Grown Filet Mignon with Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese & Citrus Salad



The ribeye is a hugely popular steak cut, and it's easy to see why. Ribeyes are at once large, beefy, and tender, and they cook beautifully seared in a pan or out on the grill. This steak comes from the rib roast and is trimmed down to be boneless and ideally at least 3/4-inch thick. Free range and pastured cattle produce outstanding ribeyes. The combination of muscles at work and a grazing diet mean the steaks are beautifully marbled. Interspersing fat and muscle create bold flavor and a tender cut.

Must-try recipe: Georgia Grown Ribeye, Goat Cheese & Mushrooms with Herbed Spinach Salad

Our ribeye steaks are Georgia Grown from Revere Meat Co.

New York Strip Steak

2 New York strip steaks with garlic, herbs, PeachDish salt, and oil

The New York Strip or Kansas City Strip Steak is a cut of beef that comes from the short loin. By any name, it sears beautifully to medium rare with a juicy bite. New York Strips are generally regarded as one of the more flavorful cuts have a little more chew than a tenderloin cut.

Must-try recipe: Georgia Grown Strip Steak with Scallion Butter & Gruyere Potato Gratin

Our New York Strip Steaks are Georgia Grown from Revere Meat Co.

Filet Mignon

2 cuts of filet mignon steak

Filet Mignon is a cut of steak that comes from the tenderloin, a small, slender selection of meat that runs through the beef loin. It is highly valued and considered a decadent date-night favorite. Unlike ribeyes or strip steaks, the filet mignon is not cut with a fat cap. It is the most lean and tender cut of beef.

Must-try recipe: Georgia Grown Filet Mignon with Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese & Citrus Salad

Our Filet Mignons are Georgia Grown from Revere Meat Co.

Teres Major/Bistro Filet

Brasstown Beef Flank steak

Bistro filet, also known as teres major steak or shoulder tender, is a lean cut of beef that is touted as the one of the most tender and flavorful, second only to the tenderloin. It runs around the shoulder of the cow. Because of its slender shape, the bistro filet makes great medallions and presentation plates for family-style meals. If you've never heard of the bistro filet or teres major, you're not alone. It's an up-and-comer in the butchering world as more and more chefs and diners begin to enjoy it.

Must-try recipe: Bistro Filet with Seared Mushrooms, Potatoes & Creamy Sherry Vinaigrette

Our Bistro Filets are from Brasstown Beef, on the North Carolina & Georgia border.

Flank Steak

Seasoning a bistro filet/teres major steak

Flank steaks have been recently popularized, and remain one of the less expensive cuts of beef. Despite its slightly tougher chew, flank steak is sought after for its immense flavor. Its rounded shape makes it easy to get a good sear on every bit of the steak quickly enough to enjoy the perfect medium rare. The flank steak, unsurprisingly, comes from the flank of the cow, near the belly.

Must-try recipe: Seared Flank Steak & Mushrooms with Pomegranate-Dressed Arugula & Farro

Our Flank Steaks are from Brasstown Beef, on the North Carolina & Georgia border.

Hanger Steak

2 hanger steaks on deli paper

Also known as "butcher" steak, hanger steak is prized for its robust flavor and is similar in texture and flavor to flank steak. It's name refers to the how it "hangs" from the cow's diaphragm. We suggest cooking this cut of meat over high heat and quickly grilling or searing. Hanger steak is ideally served medium-rare as the meat can become tough when overcooked. Hanger steaks do very well with a simple marinade of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs.

Must-try recipe: Hanger Steak with Creamy Egg Noodles & Mushrooms

Our Hanger Steaks are Georgia Grown from Revere Meat Co.

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How To Slice Beef Against the Grain

For the tenderest, most juicy bite, let your steak rest after cooking, then slice it against the grain. Here's how:
Happy eating, y'all!