New: Dessert Cocktail Recipe!

We talk a lot about food at PeachDish. Now, let's talk about booze, specifically, after dinner booze.


Digestífs are liqueurs made from a variety of spices and botanicals to help aid digestion. On their own, many digestifs are harsh on the palate. We're going to balance the bitter by mixing Averna Amaro with Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon and a little lemon oil. Mixing a middle-proof whiskey and adding citrus zest brightens up this amaro and cuts through some of the heavy, syrup-y mouthfeel.

Indulge! Enjoy this dessert cocktail with our delicious Chocolate Pecan Pizza with Vanilla Mint & Mascarpone, or even by itself.


1 oz. Averna Amaro

2 oz. Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

Beverage Ice

1 lemon

Recipe Instructions:

  • Chill your serving glass
  • Combine 1 ounce Averna Amaro and 2 ounces Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon in a pint glass
  • Fill pint glass to the top with ice, being careful not to splash out any liquor
  • Use a bar spoon to stir continuously for one minute, paying attention that the ice is still solid and not melting rapidly
  • Strain liquid into chilled serving glass and let it rest
  • While the drink is resting, use a potato peeler or knife to cut a piece of rind off of a lemon, making sure that none of the pith remains
  • Squeeze lemon rind over cocktail — you should see the oils from the rind land of the surface and layer onto the drink
  • Sip & enjoy!