Postcard Artist Spotlight: Leah Kelley

Hello, I’m Leah! I make vegetable-inspired embroidery and prints.


The name of my craft co. is Cotyledon, which is the leaf inside of a seed. To me this word brings such hope + curiosity + space for growth from what has not yet become. I am continually awed by the magic of seeds, and the joy that comes from seeing plants grow into something nourishing.

I teach gardening with kids at the Greater Atlanta Christian School, and I’ve led gardening education programs through FoodCorps with Captain Planet Foundation, World Hunger Relief in TX, and Allen Neighborhood Center in MI. I studied Environmental Studies and Agriscience at Michigan State University, and I grew my love for growing vegetables (and sewing) when my mother and grandmother taught me as a kid.

You can find Leah Kelley's artwork in the form of a postcard in your PeachDish box next week!


Be sure to check out Cotyledon on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. Also, feel free to contact Leah at!


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