Wine Pairings for the Week of January 16th, 2017


Each week, Wine Specialist Sarah Pierre brings you suggestions to complement your PeachDish meals. Sarah is one of the owners at 3 Parks Wine Shop in Glenwood Park, Atlanta. She paired up with the team of The Shed at Glenwood and The Pig and The Pearl and opened 3 Parks in 2013. Prior to opening the store, she spent most of her career working and managing notable restaurants in Atlanta and New York City. Sarah selects all of the wines that are offered at 3 Parks Wine Shop and also assists in pairing wines for local events and dinners throughout Atlanta.


Chadwick Boyd's Wheat Berry & Roasted Butternut Salad with Pepitas & Cilantro

Grüner Veltliner - Grüner Veltliner is the most popular white in Austria! The wine is dry, nutty and has white pepper undertones. With the nutty flavors in wheat berries it will be a near perfect match! Suggestion: Tegernseerhof Grüner Veltliner, Wachau, Austria


Turkey Meatloaf with Pepper-Jelly Collards & Potlikker Gravy

Garnacha - You have the sweet heat from the pepper jelly and the tanginess from the BBQ sauce. All this makes the red wine selection an important one - pour the wrong thing in the glass and you’ll know it. Garnacha will be the best bet for this dish. The pronounced fruitiness of the wine and low tannins tend to give the impression of sweetness, but there's just enough body to stand up to this complex dish. Suggestion: Ludovicus Garnacha, D.O. Terra Alta, Spain

Spiced Brussels Sprouts with Brown Rice Noodles

Spiced Brussels Sprouts, Carrots and Brown Rice Spaghetti

Italian Pinot Bianco - Atypical, but you will be amazed at this pairing! Pinot Blanc is inherently fruity with notes of apple and pear. This Indian inspired dish with its exotic spices will pair swimmingly with Pinot Bianco. Suggestion: Terlan Pinot Bianco, Alto Adige, France

Beef, Barley & Mushroom Soup with Gruyere Toast

Beef, Barley & Mushroom Soup with Gruyere Toast

Malbec - Start building that winter fire and cozy up with a hearty stew and a glass of Malbec. Malbec is versatile in that it can pair with rustic, earthy flavors like mushrooms. Suggestion: Terrazas Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Herbed Chicken Breast over Mushroom Risotto

Herbed Chicken Breast over Mushroom Risotto

Red Burgundy - Truthfully, one of the best Mushroom Risotto wine pairings - 100% Pinot Noir from Burgundy, France. You’ll be blown away at first sip. And keep in mind, you don’t have to break the bank for when looking for a bottle of Burgundy. You can find an amazing bottle for $20! Suggestion: Louis Chevallier Bourgogne, France

Beef-Mushroom Fettucine with Roasted Peppers

Beef-Mushroom Fettuccine with Red Pepper, Arugula & Parmesan

Dolcetto - This vibrant, fleshy, spiced Italian red is just the wine for this winter pasta dish. Suggestion: Vietti Dolcetto d'Alba 'Tre Vigne, Piedmont, Italy

Doug Turbush's Catfish Etoufee with Parmesan Grits

Doug Turbush’s Catfish Étouffée with Parmesan Grits

Cotes du Rhone - A perfect pairing for this etouffee or any Cajun-style dish. This red wine, which is usually Grenache based, is more fruit forward with a touch of spice, which lends itself to be a great match for a spicy, southern, flavorful stew/soup. Suggestion: Chateau de Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone, France

Chenin Blanc - Vouvray - from the Loire Valley. When you think of a Cajun/Creole style dish with white wine, you want a wine that is rich and higher in acid. This Chenin Blanc is off-dry and will be an outstanding option, especially with the flavorful spices in the Creole Seasoning. A sparkling Vouvray (Chenin) will also be great. Suggestion: Domaine Didier Champalou, Vouvray Sec, Loire, France


SuperFood Salad

Beaujolais - A red wine that screams superfood. It is a light, fresh red wine, 100% Gamay, with bright fruit flavors- cherry, pomegranate, red berry, and juicy acidity. It will only mirror the salad, not overpower it. Suggestion: Château Pizay, Morgon, France

Rosé - it is never too cold outside to enjoy a glass of Rosé! Especially when it is the perfect pairing for a SuperFood Salad. Suggestion: Elk Cove Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon