Wine Pairings for the Week of December 12th, 2016


Each week, Wine Specialist Sarah Pierre brings you suggestions to complement your PeachDish meals. Sarah is one of the owners at 3 Parks Wine Shop in Glenwood Park, Atlanta. She paired up with the team of The Shed at Glenwood and The Pig and The Pearl and opened 3 Parks in 2013. Prior to opening the store, she spent most of her career working and managing notable restaurants in Atlanta and New York City. Sarah selects all of the wines that are offered at 3 Parks Wine Shop and also assists in pairing wines for local events and dinners throughout Atlanta.


Spinach & Mushroom Smothered Chicken with Grits

Alsace Gentil - A wine that is relatively low in alcohol, high in acidity with moderate body will be your best choice for this savory spinach and mushroom dish. Suggestion: Hugel Gentil Alsace, France


Mushroom & White Bean Quesadillas with Caramelized Shallot Crema

Pinot Noir - The sweetness of caramelized shallots and the earth tones in mushrooms will be good match for a lighter style Pinot Noir. The earth tones in an Oregon Pinot Noir will truly complement this dish. Suggestion: Big Fire Pinot Noir, Oregon

Georgia Grown Ribeye

Georgia Grown Ribeye with Buttered Shallots & Radishes over Mashed Potatoes

Cabernet Sauvignon - Nothing compares to a big, tannic Cabernet cutting through juice and the fattiness of a steak. Suggestion: Katherine Goldschmidt Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley, California


SuperFood Veggie Calzone with Spiced Dipping Sauce

California Sauvignon Blanc - With all the veggies in the calzone, bring on an acidic white! A California Sauvignon Blanc will pair with the flavors of tomatoes, spinach, and onions while not overpowering the dish. Suggestion: James Mitchell Sauvignon Blanc, Lodi, California


Not Your Grandmother’s Meatloaf with Radicchio & Sweet Potato Salad

Dolcetto - Adventurous pairing! Pork and slightly sweet potatoes with a tannic but fruit-forward red? YES! Suggestion: Pecchenino Dolcetto, Piemonte, Italy


Chicken with Lemon-Herb Sauce over Wild Rice

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc - When paired with lemon, a citrusy sauvignon blanc (think California Sauvignon Blanc) can overpower by adding too much citrus/lemon to the dish. Instead, go with a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which will bring out the green and herbaceous flavors. Suggestion: Henri Bourgeois Petit Clos, Marlborough, New Zealand

Cod & Potato Chowder

Cod & Potato Chowder with Dill

Australian Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc - Fish, mirepoix, and dill in a chowdah: may I have a glass of white wine please? Semillon, which tends to have a nice waxy texture, is going to provide the body and richness needed for the cream based soup and the Sauvignon Blanc will be the zesty palate cleansing counterpart. If you’re unable to find an Australian Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc, look for the same blend from France known as White Bordeaux. Suggestion: Cape Mentelle Wallcliffe Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Margaret River, Australia

Superfood Tofu Bowl

SuperFood Tofu Bowl with Carrots, Greens & Sriracha Nuts

Vouvray - Chenin Blanc at its best. It’s a great pairing for a spicy, sweet & salty Asian dish. Suggestion: Remy Pannier Vouvray, Loire, France

Beef & Mushroom

Beef & Mushroom ‘Blended Burger’ with Lemon Glazed Root Vegetable

California Cabernet - Go with a classic pairing! With heavier toppings on the burger, stick to richer and bolder reds. Suggestion: Uppercut Cabernet, Napa Valley, California