A Meal Kit for Mother Nature: PeachDish Compost Impact Report

13,861 is a pretty exciting number. Why, you ask? Well, as of last week, it just so happens to be the number of pounds of waste PeachDish has diverted away from landfills to create compost for lush, nutrient-rich soil. Our local farmers put this soil to good use; folding it into the land so that healthier, happier plants can grow into tastier, more nutritious fruits and veggies.

love is love

The best part for PeachDishers? Other than helping to make a significant impact in the fight against food waste, much of the compost generated by our meal kits is shared with the very same farmers and growers that helped supply them, like Aluma Farm and Love is Love Farm. That means you're not only supporting your small farmers by putting their produce on the menu, but also by helping them to continue growing the most delicious fruits and vegetables possible!

Ready to hear more exciting numbers? Thanks to CompostNow - the awesome organization that collects and converts our scraps into soil - we've got some very cool stats to share:

Tomatoes on the vine

13,861 pounds of food waste diverted from landfills

3,465 pounds of compost created

... That's a tomato potential of 6,931 fruits and 1,386 plants (we'll get back to you on the tomato pie potential once we crunch our own numbers!).

1,802 pounds of methane avoided. Methane is a greenhouse gas with a powerful impact on our atmosphere to effect global warming.

That number is the equivalent of 36,039 pounds of CO2, as methane is 25 times more powerful of a greenhouse gas than CO2!

In terms of vehicular pollution, that's about 78,740 miles not driven, and 134 cars parked for 2 weeks.

atlanta street artist kyle brooks standing on top of peachdish delivery truck

As exciting as the number 13,861 is, we can't wait to see our impact increase as time goes on. As always, we couldn't do it without our neighboring farmers, our friends at CompostNow, and of course, everyone in the PeachDish family across the nation. Thanks for taking part in the good food movement, y'all!

Did you know that in the United States, over a third of our food goes straight to the landfill? It's true and it must change! There are many ways to combat food waste, and composting is just one of them. Other ways include:

- Buy only what you need. It's hard, right? Practice mindfulness in the market, and try not to shop hungry. Practice mindfulness with the trashcan as well - a written record might help you get started!

- Fill your lunchbox with leftovers. Not only will you save money, but also you'll ensure that the food in your fridge gets eaten before more is added.

- Still overzealous when it come to the produce clearance bin? Cook off what you can finish (or share!) within a few days and then freeze whatever else you can't. If it can't be frozen, donate or give it away as soon as possible. Pro-tip: your local farmer's pigs LOVE your extra fruits and veggies, even if they're a bit smushy!

- Your food scraps have a ton of potential. Get creative.

- Use proper food practices at home. FIFO isn't just for restaurants and retail food stores, y'all!

- Jump on the meal kit wagon and join PeachDish! When ingredients are portioned according to the recipe and exact number of servings you need, there's no chance of extra, loose ingredients crowding your fridge (that'll just rot in a week). How many times have you bought an entire bunch of cilantro for just a few sprigs, or a full jug of buttermilk for just one cup?