The History of Mulligatawny


Mulligatawny is an English soup derived from an Indian sauce recipe and is most often served with rice. The name originates from the Tamil words mullaga/milagu and thanni, which translate into "pepper-water." In its original form, mulligatawny is made from chicken or lamb broth, fried onions and curry powder. This thick soup is usually heavily spiced with curry powder and nutmeg, but it has many possibilities for modifications and reinventions by adding vegetables, nuts, grains and more.

This week, Chef Robert Lupo reinterprets this recipe in his dish Lentil, Apple & Ginger Mulligatawny Stew. This low-carb vegetarian dish is made with superfood ingredients including apples and red lentils, which are a high in protein, rich in folate and a great source of Vitamin A. The apples add a unique sweetness and plenty of dietary fiber, while ginger is one of the highest regarded health foods as it has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects.

We think you'll enjoy this Anglicized version of a traditional Indian dish. Even better? This dish is part of our SuperFood Series 2016.

Happy cooking!