PeachDish – Wine Pairings for the Week of March 14th, 2016
March 09, 2016 by Sarah Pierre

Wine Pairings for the Week of March 14th, 2016

Each week, Wine Specialist Sarah Pierre brings you suggestions to complement your PeachDish meals. Sarah is one of the owners at 3 Parks Wine Shop in Glenwood Park, Atlanta. She paired up with the team of The Shed at Glenwood and The Pig and The Pearl and opened 3 Parks in 2013. Prior to opening the store, she spent most of her career working and managing notable restaurants in Atlanta and New York City. Sarah selects all of the wines that are offered at 3 Parks Wine Shop and also assists in pairing wines for local events and dinners throughout Atlanta.


Pork & Mushroom Soup with Egg Noodles & Sugar Snap Peas

Pinot Noir - A French Pinot Noir is the way to go with this European soup. The classic pairing for pork and mushrooms is an elegent, rustic Pinot Noir. Suggestion: Luis Jadot Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France


Lentil, Apple & Ginger Mulligatawny Stew

Pinot Gris - An Alsatian Pinot Gris has delicate stone fruit flavors and a touch of spicy candied ginger and honeysuckle that will be a great match for this Indian stew. Suggestion: Zind Humbrect Calcaire Pinot Gris, Alsace, France


Green Tea Chicken over Spinach & Sprouts with Golden Dressing

Chardonnay - An unoaked Chardonnay is the way to go. The nutritional yeast based dressing is going to add a nice creamy, savory texture to the salad which will complement a glass of chilled stainless steel Chardonnay. Suggestion: Independent Producers Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, Washington


Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas with Jalapeno Chimichurri

Carmenere - Fortunately, the ingredients in this quesadilla pair well with many red wines so I decided to focus on the spicy chimichurri sauce. Carmenere is the best pick. It's a medium bodied wine that won’t overpower the sweet potatoes, and it is highly herbaceous so will be a perfect match for the herb and spice of the sauce. Suggestion: Casa Lapostolle Carmenere, Chile

Seasonal Menus


SuperFood Salad

Beaujolais - A red wine that screams superfood. It is a light, fresh red wine, 100% Gamay, with bright fruit - cherry, pomegranate, red berry, and juicy acidity. A glass of Beaujolais will only mirror the salad, not overpower it. Suggestion: Chateau Pizay, Morgon, France

Rosé - It is never too cold outside to enjoy a glass of Rosé. I promise! Especially when it is the perfect pairing for a SuperFood Salad. Suggestion: Elk Cove Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon


Beef Hot Pot with Asian Greens, Ginger and Potatoes

Côtes du Rhône - A grenache based Côtes du Rhône will be medium bodied, have moderate alcohol, and will be a perfect fruit forward wine partner with this Korean inspired dish. Suggestion: Domaine Mas de Jallon Côtes du Rhône

Viognier - A Viognier from California would be a great match for the ginger and onion based soy sauce glaze. Try Idle Cellars Viognier Sonoma County, California.


Virginia Willis' Smothered & Covered Chicken with Herb Grits and Celery Salad

Chardonnay - Not only is Chardonnay a classic go-to for chicken dishes, it’s also a perfect pairing for rich and creamy chicken dishes. Well oaked or fuller, round Chardonnays are best paired with cream sauce or gravy. Suggestion: Cyprus Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, CA


Spicy Puttanesca, Orecchiette, with Olives & Pecorino

Nero d’Avola - Indulge in a glass of red wine from southern Italy with this Orecchiette Puttanesca. Sicilian wines are nothing to be overlooked. The wines have more exposure and presence in the US than they have ever had, and we’re fortunate to have some talented Sicilian producers being imported into the States. Suggestion: COS Nero d’Avola, Sicily, Italy


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