PeachDish – Ingredient Spotlight: Arugula
February 18, 2016 by Melanie Aleman

Ingredient Spotlight: Arugula

Arugula, known as rocket or rucola, is an herb that originates in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, ranging from Portugal to Lebanon. Its rich green color and peppery taste has popularized this leafy edible plant in salads, but it has a lot of versatility. Arugula recipes include more than just pizza and bruschetta; it can also be cooked into sauces, soups, pastas, and an array of vegetable dishes.


Take for example Chef Robert Lupo’s Beef Mushroom Fettuccine with Red Pepper, Parmesan and Arugula recipe. This hearty meal uses just a bit of arugula to complement the beef, mushroom and other ingredients with its zest. It’s added at the end in low heat so that it can melt into the other flavors but not lose too much of its texture and color.


The health benefits of arugula are far and wide. It is a vitamin and mineral-rich food that is high in iron, vitamins A and C, and potassium. It is also an extremely low-calorie food for incorporating into lighter dishes. But, as you can see, arugula can also be used for filling, nourishing meals.

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