SuperFood Series 2016: Sweet Potato Feijoada with Black Beans, Red Rice & Orange

Feijoada is a bean stew typically made with pork and beef. We feature a vegetarian version of this national dish of Brazil. Packed with colorful superfoods like sweet potatoes and red rice, you're in for a flavorful treat with this hearty, healthy dish!


Sweet Potatoes are high in a number of nutrients but most notably vitamins A and C. Carotenoids contribute not only the orange color but also the antioxidant benefits to this dish. The sweet potato also carries other pigments, such as anthocyanin, that add anti-inflammatory benefits. One cup of baked sweet potatoes offers 26% of the Daily Recommended Intake for fiber.

Black Beans are also very high in fiber (one cup has 15 grams!) and are a great source of plant-based protein (also 15 grams in one cup). These little gems are especially important for gut and colon health thanks to the fiber and protein's ability to steady digestion speed. This also helps with blood sugar regulation.

Fun fact: Brazil, where Feijoada is the national dish, is the top-growing country for black beans in the world!

Red Rice is a less common ingredient that is quickly gaining recognition for its major health benefits. High in fiber, B vitamins, calcium and antioxidants, red rice is in its whole form (unhulled), so it retains its natural nutrients. Red rice hails from the Himalayan Mountains, Tibet, Bhutan and southern India.

Oranges are often known for their high amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits in addition to support for the immune system. Just one orange provides 93% of the Daily Recommended Intake for vitamin C! Oranges are also rich in a variety of phytonutrients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


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