SuperFood Series 2016: Flatbread with Smoked Salmon, Artichoke & Arugula

We’re focusing on a variety of superfoods in this easy yet intricate dish. The mixture of these ingredients' vivid colors screams "superfood" while the whole wheat base is a healthful take on a classic flatbread. Easy to assemble, we think you will love this nutritious dish packed with flavor!

Order by Sunday, January 10th at midnight EST!


Salmon* has a high level of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and protein. This fish is also rich in vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

*Smoked or cured foods should be consumed in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

Arugula is packed with vitamin K (it's one of the best plant-based sources of this vitamin) and antioxidants. It is also rich in folic acid- important for expecting mothers- and iron.


Artichokes not only add texture to this dish but also important vitamins and minerals. Heavy doses of magnesium- necessary for many metabolic processes- and vitamin C are contained in this dish. Artichokes are low in calories, high in fiber and very rich in antioxidants.

Helping to bring out the flavor of the other ingredients in this dish, lemon zest lends extra vitamin C- an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body- to this flatbread.

Whole wheat, a whole grain, contributes to a more healthful flatbread base by adding nutrients like fiber and protein that are stripped away in the process of making a more refined flour. In 100% whole wheat products, the mineral-packed bran and germ also remain.


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