To Brine or Not to Brine?

Rise and brine, y'all! Here's why - and how - you should soak your bird for Thanksgiving this year.

cook seasoning turkey with peachdish salt blend

The process of brining involves soaking meat in a liquid solution comprised of water, salt, and various herbs and spices. Much like marination, brined meat is soaked in the liquid for an extended amount of time; anywhere between 30 minutes to a few days. This process allows the meat to retain moisture for a more flavorful and juicier end product, and the theorized process for this effect is debated among foodies- one side argues that the effect is due to osmosis (water diffusing from an area of high salt concentration, like the brine, to an area of low concentration, like the bird) while the other argues that the salt in the brine denatures proteins within the birds cells, and the coagulation results in water molecules becoming trapped within the distorted protein matrix. Either way, brining is a tried-and-true method to ensure your turkey is as deliciously succulent as you and your dinner guests ever imagined!


Our Roast Turkey & Pan Gravy kit provides everything you need for a splendid star to your Thanksgiving dinner. This whole turkey is from Organic Prairie, an independent cooperative of organic family farms committed to providing wholesome, humanely-raised organic meat to the family dinner table. Coupled with Beautiful Briny Sea's Bird Bath turkey brine, this special bird is ready to brine and roast (although if you're short on time, you can forego the brine and simply roast with the PeachDish seasoning provided in the meal kit!) and fill your home with the familiar heartwarming aroma of a holiday supper.

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