Tips & Techniques: Short Dough

Chef Freedman's upcoming Kale, Feta, & Sun-Dried Tomato Tarlettes are not to be missed for a number of reasons. This recipe is simple to prepare but brimming over with hearty flavor. It features one of our favorite superfoods: the green goddess, kale. And, this recipe incorporates short dough preparation with a healthful spin.


"What is short dough?" you may be asking. "A classic short dough consists of highly refined flour with fat cut into it. Once mixed, small globules form to create a crumb crust when baked," Chef tells us. Less gluten builds up in the short dough process resulting in a brittle- not chewy- texture. Pie crust and shortbread are perfect examples of short dough.

Order our Kale, Feta, & Sun-Dried Tomato Tartlettes by Sunday at midnight to take a shot at making your own short dough. In this recipe, you will use whole wheat flour and olive oil in place of refined cake flour and butter (or shortening) to create a delightfully crumbly base to your tartlette. Whole wheat flour retains more of the important vitamins and minerals- such as folate- lost in the refinement process of white flour. It is also higher in fiber and protein. Olive oil, when used in moderation, can be a healthful addition for incorporating unsaturated (healthy) fats into one's diet. Because it is plant-based, olive oil does not contain any cholesterol or near the amount of saturated fat as does butter. It also contains over 3 times the amount of poly- and monounsatured fats- necessary for a number of functions in the body including cell repair.

Tasty, healthful and easy to make. Are you ready for your Kale, Feta, & Sun-Dried Tomato Tartlette?!