The Story Behind Hoecakes


Hoecakes- also known as "johnnycakes"- are a version of cornbread made from cornmeal. Its difference from a johnnycake is that a "hoecake" is a Southern term coined when, according to legend, these little patties were cooked on an actual garden hoe.

Hoecakes first got their start as a camp-out food in 1700s America. Because these unleavened cakes could be cooked over an open fire, they made for an easy, satisfying dish to prepare in the fields. Made from just cornmeal, salt and a little water, a hoecake has a crispy outer crust with a chewier crumb. The beauty of a true hoecake is that it can serve as a utensil of sorts by shoveling up the other ingredients included in its dish.

We have a couple of options for you to enjoy this Southern classic. Our Bacon & Greens Sausage with Hoecakes and Pepper-Shallot Confit brings together some of the best foods the South has to offer. Also try our Chicken Breast with Fried Cabbage, Bacon & Hoecakes for a great taste of this cornbread alternative.

Our ProTip? Cook your hoecakes on a cast-iron skillet for added flavor and depth. This could especially come handy if you just can't seem to find that hoe anywhere...

Check out this video on how to prepare hoecakes!