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Nothing Fishy Here! Sea to Table & Sustainable Seafood

Owned and operated by the Dimin family, Sea to Table partners with independent fishermen and commercial docks in over 50 traditional American fishing communities from Alaska to Maine, creating better markets for their catch.

Sea to Table sources only wild, domestic product that is sustainably harvested and traceable to landing points. By bypassing the opaque traditional distribution chain, Sea to Table creates more valuable and transparent connections between fishermen, restaurant chefs, and now, home consumers.

We talked to Sean Dimin of Sea to Table to learn more about their mission:


Photo by Sea to Table

What is Sea to Table's passion?

Working with fishermen and docks all over the country and connecting them with consumers who are passionate about great seafood. Sea to Table wants more people to eat domestic wild fish that's traceable right back to the point of landing. The seafood industry needs to shift the focus to a sustainable future.

How does Sea to Table work to make the food world a better place?

Our biggest push is selling underutilized, underfunded species. We want to move the spotlight from big money fish that are overfished to lesser known species like skate, monkfish, redfish, dogfish, any of these fish that aren't widely represented, but are really delicious! Sea to Table finds engaged markets and educates consumers about these diverse seafood options. When our fishers can go out and catch different species, they get a better yield in just a few hours. The fish stays in the community, where it's packaged, filleted, and portioned.

What's your favorite seafood culinary tip for home cooks?

Keep calm and carry on. Fish is a unique protein--often all you need is salt, pepper, olive oil, maybe a little acid. You can have a lot of fun with it in stews, soups, or sautes, or just keep it simple. That's the beauty of starting with a very high quality product, all you have to do is let the fish shine.

What's the best meal you've ever made with your seafood?

My favorite meal is one that I get to enjoy with my family after a long day on the water. It's not wildly adventurous, it's just a beautiful piece of fish, rice, and vegetables. I season and oil a nice fillet and cook it skin side up under the broiler. I let it go until the skin is crisp and bubbling and the fish underneath stays nearly raw. We serve it with fresh, clean green vegetables and steaming rice. That's the perfect meal.