A Closer Look: PeachDish Postcards

It's no secret that peaches are our favorite juicy stone fruit! We love them almost as much as we love sending unexpected surprises in our PeachDish boxes, and this week our guests will find postcards flaunting elegant peaches as designed by incredible artists around the country.


Why would a meal kit service care about art? Because we strive to connect people with food through good food experiences, and while we recognize that these experiences happen primarily in the kitchen, we challenged ourselves to stretch that connection across new and unexpected mediums. These postcards offer a brilliant way to showcase foods and tradition while also shining a light onto remarkable artists around the nation, and we encourage you to share these special postcards with friends and strangers to spread the love and the good food movement.

Be on the lookout for new peachy postcards in your upcoming PeachDish boxes! Check out our past artists:

Jessie Doyle

Peach Davis

Alexandra Hatchett

Shanequa Gay

Alex Volpert

Sarah Lawrence

Rachel Whitehurst

Nathalie Tayag

Amy Evans

Leah Kelley

Katie Kriner

Krista Lark Slater

Rachael Nearney

BlackCatTips (this postcard inspired the design of our boxes and delivery truck. Watch this!)