PeachDish – Four Ways to Up Your Turkey Burger Game!
October 12, 2016 by Katie Kriner

Four Ways to Up Your Turkey Burger Game!

Utter the phrase “juicy turkey burgers” to a crowd of hungry meat-eaters and you’ll no doubt be met with marked sneers and exaggerated eye-rolling. Turkey burgers get a bad rap in comparison to their hearty beef brethren, but why? With the right preparation, turkey burgers embody steamy patties of drool-worthy deliciousness; enough to convert any beef devotee into a turkey burger fan. Read on for some handy tips that’ll turn your plain ground turkey into mouth-watering burger perfection!


Don’t Lean Towards Too Lean

You wouldn’t go for a 99% lean ground beef, right? So why go for 99% lean ground turkey? A decent percentage of fat in the meat saves you from stuffing a dry hockey puck between two buns after drowning it in ketchup (and defeated tears). Opt for no more than 90% lean meat, and turkey ground with its dark meat will provide the ideal taste and texture for an unforgettable burger- no ketchup bath needed!


Crank Up the Juice

Now that you have the appropriate ground turkey meat, it’s time to juice up! Ground poultry needs a creamy sidekick to up its moisture and flavor, no matter what percentage of fat it is. Mayonnaise and plain yogurt are classics, and soft spreadable cheeses like ricotta or cottage cheese elevate your burger to succulent meaty bliss- go ahead and top ‘em off with more cheese, we won’t tell!


Level Up on Flavor

You don’t have to settle for a basic burger! The flavor possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the herbs, spices, and sauces within your reach… but a good place to start is minced garlic or onion, a tangy Worcestershire or barbecue sauce, and some fresh herbs, like parsley or oregano. Take your burger for an Asian spin by adding minced ginger and soy sauce to the mix, or take the Mediterranean exit with chopped sundried tomato and dried basil. Chopped onion, cumin, and smoked paprika add Mexican-inspired flare to your burger; throw in chopped jalapeño if you're up for a walk on the spicy side!


Avoid Patty Abuse

Fold and roll your ground turkey mixture gently- without overworking it- or else risk it turning rubbery and dense during the cooking process. If you’re prone to fidgeting, grab your stress ball or yo-yo because that turkey burger needs to be left alone as it cooks; no pressing, flipping or scooting around the pan! This no-fuss approach saves the valuable savory juices from leaching out, so unless you prefer your patty cooked dull and dry, keep your paws off! Invest in a timer and thermometer for this part; 2-3 minutes on each side and cooked to internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit, simple as that!


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