Ingredient Spotlight: Bulgur Wheat

Often times used in the Lebanese (Syrian, Armenian, Jordanian) dish, tabbouleh, bulgur wheat is a nutritious grain with a nutty flavor. This ingredient is produced by soaking wheat berries (with the bran removed) in water and then drying until they crack. The result is a quick-cooking grain that is delicious added in salads or incorporated into pilafs and stews.

Tabbouleh, Nutritious, Nutty Flavour

We feature bulgur in our Bulgur Wheat Salad with Arugula & Apricots. The peppery arugula balances the sweetness of apricots in this grain-based, superfood-packed salad, and fennel adds freshness and texture.


Bulgur is a nutrient-rich whole grain that is a great source of vitamin B-6, iron and niacin. Because it has a high protein content and is chock full of fiber, it is an excellent food for satifying one's appetite. Bulgur is not gluten free as it is a wheat derivative.

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