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Ingredient Spotlight: Sweet Peppers

Eat the {sweet pepper} rainbow


Next time you are told to "eat the colors of the rainbow," grab yourself some sweet peppers. While the classic red, yellow, orange or green may come to mind, sweet peppers actually come in a variety of hues spanning the color spectrum.

Our Goose Egg Frittata with Sweet Peppers allows these gems to shine as the perfect complement of mild sweetness to the saltiness of Parmesan and the richness of White Oak Pastures goose eggs. Our Southern Wedding Soup with Pork Meatballs, Sweet Peppers, Pasta & Mustard Greens is balanced by the addition of sweet peppers while our Smoky Pepper Rigatoni with Mascarpone, Basil & Balsamic brings out the utmost flavor by slowly cooking the peppers until their natural sweetness is at its peak.

Not only do sweet peppers provide varying flavor profiles across their many colors, they also lend a myriad of health benefits. These peppers obtain their color from carotenoids and flavonoids- antioxidants that work to fight free radicals in your body. Sweet peppers contain negligent fat content and are a good source of fiber. Vitamins C and E have a strong presence in these veggies.


The Sweet Pepper Gamut

Sweet Cherry Peppers are mainly sweet but can have a little spice.

Roasting Pimentos are excellent for roasting due to their high sugar content.

Red Bell Peppers are sweet, provide the perfect crunch when raw, and are also delicious once roasted.

Orange Bell Peppers do not have as much flavor as their red counterparts but are just as sweet.

Yellow Bell Peppers are more mild-tasting but do have a sweetness all their own.

Sweet Cubanelle Peppers are delicious when stuffed and can range from yellow-green to red once ripened.

Green Bell Peppers are very crunchy and have a "grassy" flavor to them.

Italian Frying Peppers are mild-tasting and wonderful when fried in olive oil.

Purple Bell Peppers are best served raw and have mild sweetness.

Whether you eat them raw chopped into a salad or prefer to enjoy them in a dish like our Spicy Tofu Fajitas with Peppers, Onions, Tomatillo Salsa & Sour Cream, sweet peppers offer color and flavor to any meal you choose.