Keeping Our Seafood Sustainable

Across the world, there is an increasing demand for seafood. With this rise also comes a growing concern over fishing and farming practices, depletion of seafood abundance, and extinction.

Yellowfin tuna, red grouper, and Atlantic halibut --- all widely consumed fish --- are among the many seafood species now at risk for being overfished. For every one pound of shrimp caught, five pounds of bycatch (“discarded catch of any living marine resource, plus unobserved mortality due to a direct encounter with fishing gear") are also caught. Certain species of grouper, classicly enjoyed on a sandwich at the beach, are quickly dying off because of their slow growth and subsequent slow replenishment once caught.

The good news? YOU can help!

Fish which trend as popular can affect sustainability (more popular fish = more caught = greater risk for decline). So, consumer demand for those fish not at risk can help stear the supply towards those of more abundance.

When it comes to knowing where your seafood is sourced, there is no need to be shy! Ask the chef or your grocery store's fishmonger where the seafood you select is coming from and if it is wild-caught or farmed. You have the right to know in order to make informed decisions and help drive the trend towards more sustainable selections.


Atlanta's own Georgia Aquarium has produced a helpful Southeast Seafood Guide as a simple reference to the best fish to purchase. When possible, buy from the “best” list. If best is not available, select from the “good” list. Most importantly, stear clear of the “avoid” list.

-Look for the Marine Stewardship Council's blue eco-label in stores/restaurants

-Use the Southeast Seafood Guide or Seafood Watch App when deciding which fish to purchase

-Follow some of PeachDish's sustainable seafood suppliers such as Sunburst Trout Farms.

-Check out these other great resources:

Seafood Choices Alliance

Fish Choice

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch

Georgia Aquarium’s Seafood Savvy

Have you caught our Catfish with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Collard Greens featured on The Today Show?! Catfish is a sustainable seafood choice.