Is it Really a Southern Kitchen without Duke's?

Few would disagree that a staple in any Southerner's kitchen is mayonnaise. Even fewer would argue that Duke's mayo, living up to its name since 1917, reigns as king of this creamy condiment realm. Duke's has inspired university lectures and New York Times articles, but just WHY is it so darn good? "It just takes you home," claim many.

To be considered the real deal, "mayonnaise" must contain egg or egg yolks, vinegar and a minimum of 65% oil by weight. It cannot contain any starches or gums, so eggs are the only emulsifying agent. Mayo is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is also a source of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Duke's mayo is free of trans fats, as well- it is a condiment to be enjoyed in moderation.

What's the secret behind Duke's flavor all its own? It does not contain sugar! Duke's is the only well-known market brand to possess this type recipe. Instead, Duke's mayo features cider vinegar giving it a nice tang on the tongue.


Fun fact: Mayo can be used not only as a condiment but also in baking! Mayo can replace shortening or margarine- try it in your next chocolate cake.

We are pleased to feature Duke's mayo (made in Greenville, South Carolina) in many of our PeachDish recipes. Duke's wholesome ingredients remind us of our commitment to Southern tradition and simplicity. What Duke's stories do {you} have?