Ingredient Spotlight: Guero Chiles

We're heating things up this week and have one particular ingredient we think you should know about: the Guero Chile Pepper.

Who doesn't love a blonde? "Guero" translates to "blonde" in Spanish, and while always yelow, pale gold, or straw-colored in color, the specific pepper deemed a "Guero Chile" varies from region to region. The Caribe and Caloro chiles are both considered Guero among a long list of others.

Gueros are similar in heat to a ripe jalapeno. This chile pepper is more floral-flavored than a jalapeno, however, and is typically 2-3 times the size. Like other spicy chiles, most of a Guero Chile's heat is in the white membranes holding the seeds. Peppers of any sort are strong sources of folic acid, fiber, potassium, and Vitamins A and C, and Guero chiles are no different.


This mild heat completes our Chicken Fundida with Guero Chiles and Squash dish. Let us know if you will be cooking with this ingredient again!