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Rave Reviews – Easy to Cook


Last night I cooked my PeachDish hanger steak and ratatouille – fabulous! So good and easy and so much food! Easily enough for two people – or leftovers for another meal, which I love. Cook once – eat twice!

I used my little George Forman grill for the steak and pressed the cracked pepper into the meat. Very tasty!

And I probably would have never cooked ratatouille in my life, but it was great. I love the idea of improving my cooking skills with PeachDish. I clip recipes all the time, but never cook anything. PeachDish makes trying new recipes easy. I didn’t realize it would be like an easy cooking class at home. Thank you!

Tonight I am going to take the leftover steak – it was too much to eat in one meal – and add the potatoes, onions and mushrooms that I have in my pantry to create my own PeachDish. Can’t wait!

Martha Former AJCcolumnist and lover of good food.