PeachDish – The "Coolest" Trick to Making the Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg
April 05, 2017 by Katie Kriner

The "Coolest" Trick to Making the Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg

A golden yolk cradled in a glistening white bed, speckled with flecks of black pepper and salt crystals; this iconic symbol for breakfast known as the Sunny Side Up Egg has both delighted morning diners and vexed home cooks alike.


A velvety white coupled with a molten yolk is too often sacrificed to become chewy scrambled eggs even for the most seasoned of foodies… so where are we going wrong? Turns out, the hottest trick to turning out flawless sunny side up eggs every time is also the coolest… it all starts with a cold pan. That’s right- don’t hasten to click on that stove burner until after you’ve cracked your eggs into an oiled skillet- and even then, let the heat creep to no greater than medium high. The liquid white of the egg will slowly thicken and become opaque while its yolk sets contentedly in the middle; a gentle touch to check for warmth will let you know that the egg is ready to plate. This technique assures a running yolk with a delicate egg white rather than a chewy one, and an egg that glides off the pan easily rather than stubbornly sticks, resulting in broken yolks and broken hearts.


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