5 Tips for the Perfect Picnic


Find your picnic blanket and basket – it’s time to host the perfect picnic!

Summer is upon us and it's time to enjoy sun-filled afternoons gathered around a gingham blanket sipping drinks from a cooler. That's right- it's officially picnic season.

As a savvy picnic host, it's up to you to determine what your guests will enjoy. Selecting the menu for a picnic takes care. Nothing can ruin a well-planned picnic quite like poor menu choices.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing your picnic fare:


1. Hand-held foods are easy companions.

If you're trekking to the park with a picnic basket in tow, you'll want to consider the amount of plates, cups, and cutlery you'll need to bring. Packing hand-held foods will reduce the amount of extra products you'll need and reduce waste. Prepare a simple charcuterie and cheese board by slicing regional cheeses and meats (keeping them chilled of course!) and pairing them with yummy hors d'oeuvres like Mamie's Famous Cheese Wafers.


2. Be prepared for spontaneity.

As paradoxical as this statement reads, having ready-made dishes in the fridge lets you quickly bundle your picnic basket when spontaneity calls. If you're thinking that today's clouds may part for tomorrow's picnic, then have a picnic-ready dish like Scotch Eggs or freshly sliced fruits waiting in the refrigerator.


3. Pack a light (and nutrient-rich!) lunch.

As summer rolls in, the heat rises. Combine the rising temperatures with the added hydration you'll need after a walk to the park, and you have the perfect reason to pack a light, nutrient-dense lunch. To give your body picnic fuel, incorporate a fresh, seasonal dish like this super food Summer Harvest Rainbow Roll into your picnic fare.


4. Incorporate a grill (when you can).

It's not always easy to ensure meals prepared at home are just as delectable when you pull them from your picnic basket - especially when they should be prepared warm. If your picnic destination has a grill, then pack a small bag of charcoal and matches and grill your food on the spot. Sausages, kebabs, and our Sweet & Tangy Pork Burger are all great grill companions for a picnic.


5. Don't forget the sweets!

Just because you're enjoying a nomadic lunch doesn't mean you should neglect you or your guests' sweet tooth. The added sugar rush also gives the push you'll need for a few more swings on the park bench and the journey home. Consider desserts that are easy to share such as a Truffle Assortment or Nola Girl Brownies.