SuperFood Series: A Closer Look

More than a year has passed since the introduction of our SuperFood Series, and we have already offered and delivered over 100 different SuperFood recipes to our PeachDish guests- that’s more than one recipe per week! So, how does a recipe earn this coveted title, anyway?


Every week, recipes are put to the test in our PeachDish kitchen- not only for taste and culinary accessibility, but also to analyze their nutritional profiles. A passionate nutrition team composed of registered dietitians Ann Teh, Lesley Dunaway and Carolyn O'Niell (and soon-to-be RD Katie Kriner) diligently analyze recipes and ingredient lists- as it turns out, what goes into a SuperFood dish is just as important as what stays out (I’m looking at you, added sodium!), and we strive to develop meals that are flavorful and satiating while also healthful and nourishing. Each of these special recipes features famously nutrient-rich ingredients, like walnuts, spinach, beets, and edamame, while sparing excess saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories for a wholesome well-balanced meal. With the help of regional farmers, we’re able to source organic and sustainably grown produce for our recipes; modifying recipes for seasonal availability so that ingredients are at the peak of ripeness and therefore at the peak of taste and nutritional quality. Whether you’re new to the SuperFood game or a seasoned pro of healthy habits, PeachDish promises to enrich and nourish people's lives through good food experiences.


Did you know that currants have twice the antioxidant capacity of blueberries or that quinoa is actually not a grain but a "pseudocereal"? Visit our blog for more fun trivia about our SuperFood ingredients!

Next week, we're shipping y'all SuperFood Barley Risotto with Red Beans & Greens- where comfort food meets nutrient powerhouse! Be sure to order by Sunday 3/12 at midnight EST!