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Meet the Chef: 5 Q's with Nancie McDermott

North Carolina native, author of ten cookbooks, self-proclaimed "food detective" and our great friend, Nancie McDermott reveals what inspires her in the kitchen and at the writer's desk. Oh, and did we mention that Nancie is a PeachDish recipe contributor?! She regularly creates new recipes that turn into delicious PeachDishes every week, and we're extra excited to feature her Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Cajun-Style on our menu. Nancie's an expert at Southern Soups and Stews (really - she wrote the book on it, and that's the title!) so you better believe this gumbo is every bit as spicy and comforting and lip-smacking good as you would find in Louisiana.

Your Seasonal Produce Guide: Spring

Ah, springtime! At this time of year, we burst from winter hibernation to stretch our limbs as the dawn and dew begin to flaunt a now blossoming landscape. As the temperature rises, we shed our coats and boots, and begin to trade our soup spoons and mugs for salad plates and icy lemonade glasses. Spring in the South is but a small taste of summer weather - well before the hot and hazy dog days - and gives us our first exciting glimpses of summer produce as our rotation of tried-and-true winter veggie recipes comes to a close.

High-Value Eating: Here’s the Deal with Superfoods

A “superfood” may sound like a no-brainer, but the term often leaves folks scratching their heads. It’s a food ... that’s … super. Right? Well, yes, but it’s also SO much more! Superfoods are high in compounds that are considered beneficial to one’s health, such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. In other words, they offer the biggest nutritional “bang” for the caloric “buck.”

Nationwide Dinner Party! Clean Plates from Around the Country

As a company born and based in Atlanta, Georgia, you can bet we know Southern food and hospitality to a T (sweet tea, of course). Family potlucks, neighborhood barbecues and breaking out the gumbo pot to feed a crowd are what we do best. And while we're Southerners by locale and at heart, we assure you that we celebrate each and every one of you - yes, all y'all! - across the country.

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