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Top 4 Reasons to Avoid Pre-Cut Produce

Pre-cut produce saves time, but at what cost? We’d all love to save as much time as possible doing the things we have to do (running errands, working, doing laundry, cleaning, chopping veggies) in order to have more time for the things we really want to do (relaxing with friends and family, playing with the dog, watching Netflix, stalking your friends on social media).

An Interview with Nils Teissier du Cros, the Kuvée Winemaker

They're a team of enthusiasts, engineers, winemakers and sommeliers, all passionate about making great wine accessible to everyone. Their modern dispenser keeps open wine fresh for up to 30 days! No more vinegary swigs left in the refrigerator. The device comes with your Kuvée wine subscription. You receive curated wines each month based on your tastes and feedback. We tried it for ourselves and loved it! To learn more, we chatted with Nils Teissier du Cros, the Kuvée Winemaker.

Seasonality of Eating

As cuisines developed around the world, the seasons played a major role in the rhythm of cooking and eating. In the earliest days, food preservation was just developing, so drying, smoking, salting and fermenting represented a limited arsenal of techniques. Cooking and eating by necessity reflected the seasons. When fruit was ripe, it was celebrated! Once the season was over, everyone knew they must wait until the next year to taste a delicious peach again.

Georgia's Ecosystems

Georgia is very medium-sized. It's the 24th largest state in the U.S., putting it comfortably in the middle, between Illinois and Wisconsin. However, there's room in its average span for some extraordinary diversity. Georgia is bordered by the Atlantic, mountains, and forests. These natural wonders mean our fair state boasts 5 major ecosystem shifts. These changes in soil, rainfall, and temperatures mean different growing seasons, proteins and culinary practices.

6 Steak Cuts You Should Know

What do you want for dinner? Steaks sound good? Most meat-eaters in America would answer YES, but that's a pretty open-ended question. There are dozens of cuts of beef; quite a few of them are steaks. We think there are six steak cuts that you should absolutely know. Try all of these and you'll have an excellent grasp of the variety different muscle and fat structures create.

Meet the Chef: Asha Gomez

ASHA GOMEZ is practiced at straddling worlds. This Kerala, India-born chef has lived in the U.S. since she was a teenager. In that time, she's introduced many to the complexities and elevated flavors of Kerala's cuisine through her cookbooks, including James Beard Award nominee My Two Souths, series, and restaurants.