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Dive into the Mind of Chef Sandra Gutierrez

We are always thrilled to have Sandra Gutierrez as one of our regular recipe contributors, but this week we're especially excited to feature Sandra as a Guest Chef with her recipe for Potato & Chorizo Sopes with Tomatilla Salsa! She joined us in the Test Kitchen to chat with us about food, family and all her favorite things -

How to Apply Your Apples

An apple a day may keep the doc away... but are all apples are created the same? Nutritionally, yes (all are chock-full of fiber and essential nutrients - and bonus - they're highly portable for snacking!) but for culinary purposes, different varieties of apples can have very different uses.

Your Seasonal Produce Guide: Fall

As the dog days of summer wind down, we enter September in the South eager for cool, breezy nights and the crunch of autumn leaves beneath our boots. Though we’re sad to say farewell to our favorite summertime treats, like cucumbers and peaches, we’re excited to indulge in the seasonal produce fall brings. We take time for apple-picking, sampling the near-endless varieties sliced fresh, or prepared as apple crisp, apple cider, apple sauce and so much more.

A Meal Kit for Mother Nature: PeachDish Compost Impact Report

13,861 is a pretty exciting number. Why, you ask? Well, as of last week, it just so happens to be the number of pounds of waste PeachDish has diverted away from landfills to create compost for lush, nutrient-rich soil. Our local farmers put this soil to good use; folding it into the land so that healthier, happier plants can grow into tastier, more nutritious fruits and veggies.

Meet the Meatless Duo Behind The Chubby Vegetarian

Husband-and-wife team Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence AKA The Chubby Vegetarian are cookbook authors on a mission to create compelling vegetarian dishes—they have a knack for making classic, down-home recipes down-right delicious. We love their Fried Green Tomato Po' Boy recipe so much that we had to turn it into a PeachDish! We interviewed Justin and Amy to discover the influences and inspirations in their meatless culinary creations.

Why Atlanta is Celebrating Rashid Nuri This Friday

On August 31st there will be a party to celebrate the work and legacy of Rashid Nuri, the founder of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture (TLW). The organization, which started in 2006 to boost Atlanta’s urban agriculture, has been working to feed Atlantans and grow urban farmers ever since. “Urban agriculture is the future, but at that time, you were hard-pressed to find a farmers’ market in Atlanta, and not many people were growing food in the city. School gardens were just getting started. There was not a lot of diversity of the work. Urban agriculture in Atlanta was not vibrant, and we were able to stimulate it,” Nuri recalls.

Your Guide to Risotto Done Right

Risotto has a reputation for being a complicated dish reserved for those blessed with talent and patience in the kitchen. That reputation, however, is exaggerated, to say the least. Risotto is actually a very simple rice dish that's delicious when prepared simply with a bit of butter and white wine, but also an excellent blank canvas for herbs, veggies and more to lend their flavors. Still mystified by this creamy comfort food? No worries - with this handy guide, you'll be ready to risotto in no time!

What's the Catch? Wild-caught vs. Farm-Raised Salmon

Salmon has made a lot of waves in recent years for being a tasty fish with outstanding health benefits, and its high content in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids earns the approval of many health professionals. Salmon has also received a lot of buzz about where it comes from and how it’s produced; that is, whether it’s caught wild in open waters or raised in an enclosed farm. Ecologically-aware activists and health-conscious consumers aren’t letting this discrepancy swim by so easily, so let's dive into what separates wild-caught vs. farm-raised.

From Cali & Crepes to Southern Top Chef: Meet Whitney Otawka

As a Georgia chef by way of California, Whitney Otawka got her start at a French creperie in Oakland, California and quickly found her passion in the rigorous kitchen environment. We met up with Whitney at the Test Kitchen, where she gave us the low-down on her Low Country Boil with Smoked Paprika Butter, as well as the challenges and rewards of running a restaurant kitchen and how she finds inspiration through food.

Meet the Top Chef: Kickin' it with Kevin Gillespie

Kevin Gillespie is an Atlanta chef, Top Chef contestant, and has been a finalist and semi-finalist for multiple James Beard awards, including "Rising Star Chef of the Year" and for his cookbook "Fire in my Belly." He and his local restaurants, Gunshow and Revival, are proud supporters of the good food movement and serve seasonal, delicious dishes. While always pushing himself to look at the restaurant industry in innovative ways, Kevin Gillespie’s passion lies in serving quality food every day - including his PeachDish recipe, Stuffed Tomatoes with Savannah Red Rice and Creamed Shrimp. He joined us in the Test Kitchen to chat about his favorite cooking memories, what inspires him, and more!

10 Ways to Cook Summer Squash (When You're Sick of Summer Squash)

Whether you're a CSA subscriber, a neighbor to a generous green thumb, or an avid gardener yourself, the long hot summer months come with a giant wave of summer squash. Zucchini, pattypan, zephyr, crookneck... any and all those mild-mannered, tender, brightly colored fruits make their way into stir fries, salads and hot casseroles - or else monopolize the crisper drawer of your refrigerator before eventually seizing a significant portion of your freezer.

4 Ways to Cheer Up Chicken Salad

Whether it be from the oven, the stovetop or off the grill, leftover chicken means chicken salad to many of us. But (as much as we love Duke's) does it have to mean mayonnaise-caked chunks of chicken and soggy celery? No way - if we're going to be brown-bagging homemade chicken salad sandwiches for days, then you better believe we're going to make it the zestiest, creamiest, and most delicious mixture the break room refrigerator has ever seen. Here's 4 things you can do to put the chic back into your chicken salad:

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