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Meet the Guest Chef: Kevin Callaghan!

Chef Kevin Callaghan is the founder and executive chef of Acme Food & Beverage Co. in Carrboro, North Carolina. Acme has been featured in Bon Appetit, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, The New York Times, Esquire, and many other national and regional newspapers and magazines. Kevin is also opening a second restaurant this year. He is deeply rooted to Southern food and, with that, acts as a national advocate for food sustainability. He shared his Savory Brunch Casserole with Cheese Grits, Sausage & Mushroom recipe with us, so you can enjoy his food at home!

5 Recipes that Make Eggs Dinner-Worthy

It’s time to show everyone that eggs can go beyond the breakfast table! While it’s a staple to the morning routine of people all over the world, the humble egg seems to have lost its excitement at the dinner time, while other breakfast companions like pancakes, grits, and waffles are trending their way into our post-5 o’clock appetites.

Something Worth Spreading: Proper Pepper Pimento Cheese

Born and raised in Georgia, Deana Tanner Bibb makes the American Southern staple - pimento cheese - the proper way. For those outside of our neck of the woods, it's a delightful cheesy spread that's creamy and chunky, bright orange and flecked with shreds of sweet red pimento peppers. From beefy burgers to plain crackers, it makes just about anything taste a mile high better - but the right recipe is crucial and appears somewhat lost in today's selection of spreads on the market.

Your Seasonal Produce Guide: Spring

Ah, springtime! At this time of year, we burst from winter hibernation to stretch our limbs as the dawn and dew begin to flaunt a now blossoming landscape. As the temperature rises, we shed our coats and boots, and begin to trade our soup spoons and mugs for salad plates and icy lemonade glasses. Spring in the South is but a small taste of summer weather - well before the hot and hazy dog days - and gives us our first exciting glimpses of summer produce as our rotation of tried-and-true winter veggie recipes comes to a close.

Meet Your Supplier: Farmer-Owned Organic Prairie

A subset of farmer-owned, organic co-op of 1800 farm families known as CROPP (Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool), Organic Prairie is committed to providing healthy, wholesome, high quality meat to the family dinner table. With respectful awareness of the interrelations of human, animal, plant, soil and global life, Organic Prairie's animals are raised humanely and in accordance to organic practices and procedures. This means that every chicken, turkey, cow, and pig are fed a diet of optimal nutrition under conditions that keep them healthy and happy by farmers who truly care about the land and animals under their wing.

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