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Dive into the Mind of Chef Sandra Gutierrez

We are always thrilled to have Sandra Gutierrez as one of our regular recipe contributors, but this week we're especially excited to feature Sandra as a Guest Chef with her recipe for Potato & Chorizo Sopes with Tomatilla Salsa! She joined us in the Test Kitchen to chat with us about food, family and all her favorite things -

How to Apply Your Apples

An apple a day may keep the doc away... but are all apples are created the same? Nutritionally, yes (all are chock-full of fiber and essential nutrients - and bonus - they're highly portable for snacking!) but for culinary purposes, different varieties of apples can have very different uses.

Your Seasonal Produce Guide: Fall

As the dog days of summer wind down, we enter September in the South eager for cool, breezy nights and the crunch of autumn leaves beneath our boots. Though we’re sad to say farewell to our favorite summertime treats, like cucumbers and peaches, we’re excited to indulge in the seasonal produce fall brings. We take time for apple-picking, sampling the near-endless varieties sliced fresh, or prepared as apple crisp, apple cider, apple sauce and so much more.

A Meal Kit for Mother Nature: PeachDish Compost Impact Report

13,861 is a pretty exciting number. Why, you ask? Well, as of last week, it just so happens to be the number of pounds of waste PeachDish has diverted away from landfills to create compost for lush, nutrient-rich soil. Our local farmers put this soil to good use; folding it into the land so that healthier, happier plants can grow into tastier, more nutritious fruits and veggies.

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