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Meet Your Supplier: Farmer-Owned Organic Prairie

A subset of farmer-owned, organic co-op of 1800 farm families known as CROPP (Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool), Organic Prairie is committed to providing healthy, wholesome, high quality meat to the family dinner table. With respectful awareness of the interrelations of human, animal, plant, soil and global life, Organic Prairie's animals are raised humanely and in accordance to organic practices and procedures. This means that every chicken, turkey, cow, and pig are fed a diet of optimal nutrition under conditions that keep them healthy and happy by farmers who truly care about the land and animals under their wing.

Which Butter is Better? 6 Different Types to Try

Butter is the best, right? It's a pastel yellow, cool and comforting, velvety dream of an ingredient with the power to make pastries rise and sauces smooth. Without it, we have homemade cookies that crumble, plain popcorn at the movies, broken or thin sauces, and unflaky pie crusts. Not to mention the fact that our biscuits would be left (tragically!) un-buttered.

10 Diabetes-Friendly Recipes that Put the "Win" in Winter

Whether you're one of the 29 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States or simply looking to limit your carbohydrate intake, finding recipes that are both delicious and nutritious - without a lot of starch or sugars - can be difficult. Fresh produce may seem hard to come by in the winter months, but that's not so: hearty greens and lettuces, naval oranges, and root vegetables like carrots, potatoes and radishes are all in abundance and ready for your dinner table.

Meet the Chef: 10 Q's with Chef Chadwick Boyd

Chadwick Boyd is an Atlanta-born, travel-bound cook, writer, life-stylist, and more who who regularly appears on television, sharing delicious food, musings and entertaining tips with millions of viewers. He has one mission…"to change the world for good through food and words for millions of people." He has offices in both New York and Atlanta, but is always on the road, traveling from food festival to TV shoot to the next great culinary adventure!

High-Value Eating: Here’s the Deal with Superfoods

A “superfood” may sound like a no-brainer, but the term often leaves folks scratching their heads. It’s a food ... that’s … super. Right? Well, yes, but it’s also SO much more! Superfoods are high in compounds that are considered beneficial to one’s health, such as vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. In other words, they offer the biggest nutritional “bang” for the caloric “buck.”

Your Seasonal Produce Guide: Winter

Winter is known for preserves. Canned vegetables, jars of pickles and jams, and dried beans are a great way to keep your cold-weather meals tasty and nutritious! Don't discount fresh winter veggies, though; light frosts make produce even sweeter. Here in the South, there are plenty of in-season, fresh vegetables coming to their peak in December, January and February.

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