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Unfettered Farming: Frolona’s Josh Davis Raises Pork and Beef on His Own Terms

On a bright autumn morning, Josh Davis drives his white Ford Ranger onto a commanding grass slope at the center of the 600-acre farm that’s belonged to his family since 1828. From deep in his chest, the 36-year-old lets out a bellow that grabs the attention of his nonchalantly grazing cows: “Heeeeeeey cowwwww.” Before he can even finish the call, a remarkable thing happens.

Lead the (Chard)ge!

The leafy green "Chard" is actually a variety of beet, and can go by several names like silverbeet, perpetual spinach, spinach beet, crab beet, seakale beet and Swiss Chard (although no one really know why this Mediterranean plant is called "Swiss").

Postcard Artist Spotlight: Shanequa Gay

Shanequa Gay, an Atlanta native, has drawn praise and critical acclaim for her depictions of southern life and black women. Her current work, The FAIR GAME Project, is art as advocacy which challenges the unyielding violence and injustices committed in America and across the globe against the black body.