About Our Menu

18 dishes per week means something for everyone to love

We strive to provide dishes for a diverse range of dietary preferences

“We have heard customers’ requests for more variety, more flexibility and continued commitment to high-quality, locally grown and produced ingredients. We have brought on board new recipe contributors and overhauled our menu structure to make the 2018 menu our best ever!” - Culinary Director Seth Freedman

Dish Attributes

  • Vegan — We provide a minimum of 2 plant-based dishes per week free of animal products.
  • No Gluten Added — We have at least 3 dishes without gluten on the menu, including one meat and one vegetarian option.
  • SuperFood Series — These dishes have at least 4 nutrient-dense ingredients, fewer than 700 calories, and less than 1/3 of the USDA's daily sodium and saturated fat recommendations. There are a minimum of 2 SuperFood dishes every week, and we always strive for more.
  • Quick Fix — These dishes can be prepared in 35 minutes or less, and we offer at least 4 Quick Fixes every week. There will be at least one meat and one vegetarian, and we aim to have a vegan quick fix option as well.
  • Ribbon Series — Our Ribbon Series dishes are special extras on our menu! These dishes will have rare and unique ingredients, the highest quality cuts of meat, and more advanced cooking techniques. Perfect for date nights, birthdays, and other special occasions, we'll offer 1-2 of these indulgent recipes per week.

Menu Mix

  • Weekly Freshness — 6 dishes each week are brand new, never before released dinners! Weekly Freshness will include at least one chicken, one beef, one vegetarian, and one vegan option.
  • Best Loved — Our highest customer rated dishes! These menus are brought back by popular demand in peak season, and will not have appeared on the menu in the last 6 months.
  • Dessert — Here at PeachDish, we believe enjoying an occasional dessert is an important part of well-being. We'll offer at least one dessert option per week.
  • The Classics — As exciting as diverse menus are, some dishes are good any time of year. We offer Kevin Clark's Comfy Chicken, Pableaux Johnson's Red Beans & Rice, and Zeb Stevenson's Chicken & Dumplings year-round.
  • Sunday Supper — Coming Soon! These family-style dishes are perfect for a relaxed weekend meal.