PeachDish makes it easy for you to cook a delicious and inspired homemade dinner in your own kitchen, as often as two nights per week!

Every week, we create two new menus. Order by Monday, and we’ll ship you an insulated box containing recipe cards and all of the ingredients—pre-measured in perfect proportions—so you can quickly and easily prepare this week’s PeachDish menus at home. You do the fun part—prep, cook, eat and enjoy with friends and family. Order a single PeachDish box, or get free shipping by subscribing in advance. With PeachDish, you’ll have a fresh and healthy dinner ready to cook two nights a week, as often as every week!

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Fresh Ingredients Delivered

PeachDish is delicious, economical, and easy. We deliver two easy-to-prepare, routine-busting menus and ingredients as often as every week.

Fall Salad & Stew

Save Time and Money

If you’re like us, you probably find it fun to cook but time-consuming to find and shop for each great new recipe. We do the prep work for you and deliver interesting, PeachDish-tested recipes that won’t take long to prepare. No more buying an entire jar of jerk seasoning when you want to take Jamaican food for a test drive. We make it easy to bring excitement to your dinners at home, without breaking the bank.

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PeachDish makes deliciousness accessible to kitchen novices and ninjas alike. With step-by-step menu cards, tip videos, and pre-measured ingredients, our meals are fun to prepare. We make sure our recipes are easy to replicate at home—not endlessly time consuming. We want to make your life easier!

Save Time

Put Heart in Your Kitchen

PeachDish makes it easy to cook delicious, healthy and fun dinners that inspire conversation and draw family and friends to the table. If needed, we even offer guidance to help novice cooks gain confidence in the kitchen. Because we provide the recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients, it’s easy to relax and have a conversation in the kitchen, and fun to get loved ones involved.

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