We send a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to your home to make 2 dinners for 2 people every week! Become a member today to join the weekly dinner party happening nationwide.
We all crave new experiences, and at PeachDish we know that the best place to have those is in your kitchen. We want you to connect with your kitchen by valuing cooking as an experience instead of an obligation.
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Fall Salad & Stew

Save Time

Save time by getting two ready-to-cook meals with recipe cards delivered to your kitchen.  No more wasting time driving to the grocery and trying to decide what to cook.

Save Money with PeachDish

Save Money

Each PeachDish adventure delivery has just the right amount of ingredients for two meals. No more wasting money on extra ingredients or mediocre takeout. FREE SHIPPING! Only $12.50 per person per Meal for Two Courses and a Treat. A $63 Value at Whole Food.

Save Time

Fresh Ingredients

Ingredients are sourced as regionally and as seasonally as possible, which ensures you receive the best ingredients. Patent-pending process guarantees that the food you receive is safe and fresh.

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